Ghana politicians wey benefit from scholarships for ‘needy students’ spark outrage

Accra Polytechnic

Wia dis foto come from, Ghana Education Trust Fund

Performance audit report by de Auditor-General for Ghana on how Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) dey give out scholarships reveal say some top politicians, some of who now turn Ministers benefit from de scholarships.

But according to GETFund, dema mandate no be to only needy students dem explain say "de fund may, per dema mandate, provide support for other educational activities den programmes to serve strategic national interests."

But Ghanaians for social media say dem no dey barb how rich politicians dey get awards to schools like Harvard University, while needy students dey struggle to get scholarships.

Despite reaction from GETFund say de scholarship wey de politicians be justified, some Ghanaians feel say e be unfair say real needy students no dey benefit but rather, wealthy politicians dey get scholarships.

Some needy students wey de Auditor-General report also capture say dem benefit from GETFund scholarships also start dey express shock sake of dema names dey there but dem no get de scholarship.