If students fit sing Olamide song, dem fit learn Mathematics music - Nigerian lecturer

Dr Ishola Akindele Salami

Wia dis foto come from, Dr Ishola

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dr Ishola begin experiment wit hip-hop to solve maths for 2015

One Nigerian lecturer don find wetin im believe be di solution to di poor performance of students for mathematics exam for im kontri.

Dr Ishola Akindele Salami wey dey lecture for di department of early childhood education, University of Ibadan invent wetin im tag as hip-hop songs, to help primary school students sabi mathematics well well.

Dr Salami tell BBC Pidgin say, di idea bin start wen im travel out of Nigeria, come find out say no be only for im kontri pikin dey struggle to learn maths.

"As I be pesin wey dey prepare teachers to teach mathematics, I reason am say we go need to get anoda way to make di teaching and learning of dis subject dey beta"

Dr Salami wey dey teach for University of Ibadan staff school sometimes, begin experiment di hip-hop method wen im dey wit di school pikin dem. Im find out say di pikin dem like di singing wey be lyrics of maths formula, ideas and equations.

Na so im waka enta studio to record album wey im call 'MAT music'.

Di album dey set to launch officially for March 20 by di university.

Why hip-hop?

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"If pikin dem fit sing oda hip-hop songs like Davido, Olamide, dem go fit sing maths songs wey get mathematics formula", Dr Salami tok

Pikin dem love hip-hop; dem love di rhythm and di beat, na wetin Dr Salami tok.

Im explain say im decide to use hip-hop because im believe say if pikin dem love di beat of hip-hop songs, dem go wan sing di lyrics and if dem fit sing and remember di lyrics of im mathematics, then dem go fit solve mathematics problems wella.

Tho pepper no too rest for im hand, Dr Salami dey plan to do mass production of di album so dat pikin dem for different part of di world go fit access am.