Ughelli town don make am taboo to sell or chop cow meat, see wetin cause am


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Uwheru Kingdom for Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State don put law wey say na taboo to sell and chop cow meat inside di kingdom because of di clash between herdsmen and farmers.

"Di reason na because human beings dey die because of cows." Na so di state Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare wey attend di meeting wey dem for take dis decision tell BBC.

"No be just ordinary ban oh! Dis law don already take effect on Saturday 22nd of February, 2020 wen di community meet and e go remain like dat indefinitely (forever)."

Tori be say recently, attacks and killings of innocent citizens inside Avwon, Agadama and Ohoror communities for Uwheru Kingdom don dey happun.

Delta State goment say, according to reports from di communities, herdsmen wey pipo wit army uniform escort, enta di communities by force between Thursday 13 February and Saturday 15 February, without any provoke, and dis kain attack don become wetin dey happun every year. Di goment say dis time, dem, kill at least eight pesins and injure many odas.

Na 'war situation' na im dey now for di community, according to Oga Muoboghare.

"Apart from di recent attack wey happun on di 13th and 14th of February inside Uwheru Kingdom, di killing of human beings because of cow don dey happun for di community since 2004 and ova 80 pesin na im don die."

Anoda indigene from di community, Ochuko Nabofa tell BBC Pidgin say e don tey wey dem want make di community put dis law to ban di selling and eating of cow meat because di killi-killi don too much.

"Nobodi dey protest against di law, we all dey very happy with am."

For February 15 Delta State governor, Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa tweet say dem no go tolerate di attacks and killings of innocent citizens inside di three communities for Uwheru Kingdom inside Ughelli North LGA.

Governor Okowa come add say im don direct di Commissioner of Police and di Brigade Commander, 63 Brigade, Nigerian Army, to act quick-quick to bring di culprits wey carry out dis attack to justice.

Di Police PRO for Delta state, Onome Onovwakpoyeya tell BBC Pidgin say dem dey aware of di herdsmen attack inside aware of the herdsmen attack in Uwheru Kingdom

"We don begin close monitoring of di community and heavy security presence na im dey dia to build the confidence of the pipo."

Concerning di recent February attack, di police PRO say dem no know how many pipo die for attack but dem discover say di attacker bury di pipo wey dem kill without di notice of di community and na wen policemen and oda security enta di community dem take see some shallow grave wey dem bury di pipo.

Which oda alternative to cow meat dey for pipo of Uwheru Kingdom?

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According to oga Muoboghare, dem get fish, rabbit, grasscutter and odas to chop.

"We get fish, snails, grasscutters, rabbit, chicken, goat and apart from dat, ice fish dey surplus and dey give protein pass cow meat."

"In fact sef cow meat dey dangerous and e no dey safe for human being to dey chop. We bin no know di danger wey dey wen we bin dey chop cow meat."

"Even many pipo for di community wan be vegetarian now. We dey ready, if all di alternative to meat wey we get even fail, we dey ready to do without cow meat."

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What if somebodi break di Taboo?

No pesin for di community go dare eat cow meat because if dem do, na di gods go deal with am.

"We get our ways to deal with those wey disobey our local laws. Di community and di ancestor get dia way wey dem dey take deal with pipo wey break our local laws."

"Any pesin wey break di law, go need to face our gods and no body wey don face our gods don survive am" Oga Muoboghare tok.

Any protest against dis law?

"Nobody dey protest at all afta di community take dis decision and even di women wey dey sell meat na dem volunteer say dem go enforce am for di market.

And you know say once women tok say dem wan enforce any law di men dey run." oga Muoboghare tok.

Uwheru Kingdom dey for Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, dem get oil but na majorly agricultural community. Dia main work na farming and fishing.

Normally, herdsmen dey carri dia cow go greener lands like dis communities for Delta State but over time, both di community pipo and di herdsmens begin get kwanta sake of say di cows dey sestroy dia farm produce.