Sagamu: Remo kingdom boil sake of protest against 'SARS hand inside death of Tiyamiyu Kazeem', Police IG order investigate

Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu (left), late Remo Stars footballer Tiyamiyu Kazeem (right)

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Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu (left), late Remo Stars footballer Tiyamiyu Kazeem (right)

Latest tori from Sagamu - Ogun state South West Nigeria, be say di head of Nigeria police don order for investigation ontop di death of Remo Stars footballer Tiyamiyu Kazeem.

Di Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu order dey come afta some pipo for Sagamu do protest on Monday ontop di footballer death wey dem claim say police kill.

IG Adamu ask di oga of Federal Criminal Investigation Department to take charge of di investigation.

Some pipo wey dey live for Sagamu para enta road on Monday to protest against police sake of di death of one player of Remo stars football club, Tiyamiyu Kazeem wey dem dey claim say police kill.

Police for Ogun state say true true Sagamu dey boil sake of protest but Abimbola Oyeyemi wey be Police tok tok pesin for di state tell BBC say she no dey aware say SARS kill any bodi.

Tori wey dey fly upandan since weekend na say police special crime unit alias Special Anti Robbery Squad - SARS bin shoot and kill one young man for di area.

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Africa Eye: Torture dey 'rampant' among Nigeria security forces

Police bin earlier claim na motor jam am while im dey try to cross expressway in order to dodge arrest by men of di Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Channels TV dey report.

But eyewitness accounts said di police officers bin "push" Tiyamiyu out of one moving vehicle, wey lead to im death.

Na dis one make pipo for Remo area file out Monday afternoon to protest to dia chief palaca - Akarigbo ìlú Remo. Dem say dem no want SARS again for di area.

Trouble start wen, according to Abimbola, report reach police say pipo wan go burn down police station for Sagamu and confront police ogas for di area.

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Dis Protest for Sagamu start Monday afternoon as pipo begin vex for di death of one footballer for di area

"Di Commissioner of Police for Ogun State Command and some oda ogas at di top wey dey for di police command don go see di family of di pesin wey die and also to see di chief of Remo to tok sorry for di pesin wey die" Abimbola add.

Dis SARS na di government security force wey dey put eye on top crime matter for Nigeria.

Sagamu na big city of thirteen towns wey dey Ogun state along di Ibu River and Eruwuru Stream between Lagos and Ibadan for South West Nigeria. Di members of Remo branch of di Yoruba pipo na im found di city for di mid 19th century.

Di 13 towns wey make Sagamu na : Makun, Offin Sonyindo, Epe, Ibido, Igbepa,Ado, Oko, Ipoji,Batoro, Ijoku, Latawa and Ijagba. Sagamu na di capital of Remo kingdom and di palace of di Akarigbo of Remo dey for Offin town.

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Africa Eye: Torture dey 'rampant' among Nigeria security forces

How pipo dey react

Nigeria police don put out statement to ask pipo to calm down

Since wey di mata happun, '#EndSARS' dey trend for twitter, wit many user complaining of how police dey attack pipo wey dem no suppose attack.

Some even dey claim say at least three pipo don die only for dis mata wey happun for Sagamu.

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SARS mata

For August 2018 Nigeria police announce 12 important facts about di new Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) wey be di rugged special police for criminals.

"Na now dem don begin go back to di way tins suppose be. Police suppose be friends with pipo wey dem dey police. If police mess up now, e no go reach 24 hours before im go face di law."

#ENDSARS campaigner Segun Awosanya tell BBC News Pidgin say wit dis new facts, Nigerians go begin see some changes for F-SARS.

Tori be say afta plenti protests by Nigerians wey dey halla for goment to ban di Special Anti-Robbery Squad from di Nigeria Police, goment bin give order to reform di squad.

Nigeria Police change di force to even though e no too sweet di belle of some Nigerians wey say na to ban di squad dem ask for.

To make sure say Nigerians know wetin dey happen for F-SARS, police release 12 facts of di new F-SARS.

Dis na some of di important facts wey you need to know about di new F-SARS:

1. Di only kain case wey F-SARS go dey in charge of now na armed robbery and kidnapping.

2. Human rights desk officers for FSARS go dey evri state where pipo fit go if dem get any complain.

3. FSARS officers no g o dey do Stop and Search for road again except say na armed robbery or kidnap case and dem must wear uniform with complete identification.

4. Dem go dey do training on how dem go dey tink and behave for public.

5. Nigerian musician Korede Bello, activists and EndSARS campaigner Segun Awosanya na some of di pipo wey kontri pipo fit go report to if dem get any kwanta with any FSARS officer.