Manatee: Area boys wey gbab Sea Lion for Burutu Delta State, Nigeria don enta 'hot pepper soup'

Area boys wey gbab Sea Lion for Burutu Delta State don enta 'hot pepper soup'

Delta State Goment don condemn di video wey show wia some youths dey drag one manatee for road, come warn pipo against killing endangered animals wey dem protect.

For statement wey di Commissioner for Information, Charles Aniagwu sign on 23 February, 2020, di Goment condemn wetin di youths do say na embarrassment to di State.

Oga Aniagwu say di State Goment frown at wetin happen as e dey against di Bonn Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals.

Di goment come warn say dem go arrest and prosecute any pesin wey dem catch dey hunt any protective animals and di pesin go go jail.

Im come advise say instead dem go kill di animal, make dem help return am to im habitat as those kain animals dey protected by law.

Di Commissioner for di statement come add say dem go partner with di Ministry of Environment for di State and oda relevant agencies to sensitise pipo on di need to preserve such endangered species.

Environmentalists para after video comot wia some youths dey use rope to drag one endangered manatee along one dusty road for Nigeria.

For one tweet, Blue Planet Society say e dey shocking say "dem for abuse one protected West African manatee wey dem suppose protect for such a public way":

E no dey clear when or where dem shoot di video, but Nigeria deputy environment minister, Sharon Ikeazor, say di incident happen for di oil-rich Niger Delta region.

"My attention dey drawn to a very distressing & distasteful video of one manatee wey dem capture for di Niger Delta Region wey dem dey drag for bare ground to a cruel fate by some ill informed/uninformed youth. I strongly condemn dis act," she tok on Twitter on Sunday.

Ms Ikeazor add say she don order officials to carry out investigation and try to rescue di manatee and return am to im natural habitat.

Hunting Manatee dey illegal for Nigeria but dem still dey kill am for im meat, oil and organs and dey use am for traditional medicine, AFP news agency report.

Dem quote di International Union for Conservation of Nature say about 10,000 manatees dey along di West Africa coast.

Many pipo for di Niger Delta dey poor, even though di region get oil wealth.