Nigeria economy grow by 2.27% for 2019 pass wetin International Monetary Fund predict - NBS

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Nigeria economy don grow by 2.27% for 2019 from di 1.91% wey e be for 2018, di latest report of di kontri statistics bureau - NBS.

According to di Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report wey di National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) release on Monday, e show say Nigeria economic growth rate for 2019 do well pass di 2.1% wey di International Monetary Fund (IMF) bin tink.

Di Gross Domestic Product (GDP) bin grow by 2.55% for di 4th quarter of 2019 from di 2.38% wey e be for di 4th quarter of 2018. Dis one mean say Nigeria economy increase by 0.17% between 2018 and 2019.

For di data wey di NBS release, di growth wey di economy record for di 4th quarter of 2019 na di highest quarterly performance since di 2016 recession.

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Real GDP Growth

Financial analyst Alexa Wilcox wey follow BBC tok on top dis NBS latest report, say im believe di data wey di agency release because for 2019, many pipo bin invest for rice production as di drive for agriculture dey very high.

Oga Wilcox tok join say di closure of Nigerian border wey happun last year also help grow di economy

E say some pipo for di kontri fit no feel di impact of di growth for now but di fact remain say di economy dey grow as those wey e touch dey enjoy.

Di analyst advise di goment say, to sustain dis growth make goment do massive investment for agriculture, make dem attract foreign investors, provide infrastructures and security wey go make pipo invest for di kontri.

Chattered Accountant and Economist, Dr Oliseh Ebenuwah wey also shook mouth for di mata, say di GDP report dey encouraging but im concern be say di growth no dey give employment.

Di income distribution dey narrow everyday as di rich dey get richer and di poor dey get poorer, im add.

For everybody to feel d impact of di growth for di economy, Dr Oliseh say make goment target sectors wey no dey do well and help dem wit specific economy intervention, If not all di growth na for paper. E say oil sector dey do well but agriculture sector wey get potential to grow dey lag behind.

E add say goment economy plan dey okay but make make dem look into ICT, agriculture and tackle inflation, e say if dem fit do all dis things Nigeria economy go grow beta.

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Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari

For 2015 wen Buhari bin dey campaign for presidency, e promise to grow di kontri economy by 10% every year, wen e assume office.

Di goment launch one economy development plan wey dem call di Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) for 2016.

Di ERGP na medium term economic framework to take revive Nigerian economy wey dey recession, to stabilize di economy and to make am grow.

And for 2019, after im win election for second term, President Muhammadu Buhari bin gada new economic team wey go dey advise am on economy mata, economic growth and anytin wey consign money.