Confusion as one woman marry two husbands at once for Kano, Islamic Police sef don enta di mata

Married couple

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Islamic police for Kano dey carry di woman go court because dem believe say di woman no follow law to marry two husbands at a time

Islamic police wey pipo sabi as Hisbah for Kano state, northwest Nigeria don enter di case to settle di confusion after two men, Bala Abdulsalam and Bello Ibrahim, claim to be husband to Hauwa Mariri.

Hisbah Commander for Kumbotso local goment Gwani Murtala tell BBC say di case dey very unfortunate and dem don transfer am to dia headquarters.

"Di first husband come report to us say after two years wey e sick go village e return to im house only to meet anoda man inside with im wife and di man confam to am say e marry her."

"So we don transfer di case to our headquarters and all di three of dem dey dia now, na dia dem go resolve di issue."

Hauwa Mariri wey bi di centre of di argument with di two men tell BBC say di reason she marry di second husband be say di first husband say e don divorce her before e travel go im village.

"As e dey sick before e go village e tok say e don divorce me, so na dat one make me marry anoda husband."

Hauwa wey get six children with di first husband and one pikin and bele with di second husband add say Bello just use mouth divorce her, e no write any letter as di way most muslims for northern Nigeria dey do.

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Bello as e tok im own deny say e divorce her, saying if not for sickness e for no leave im house go village for two years.

"Na serious sickness and I almost die, infact na she (Hauwa) and some pipo put me inside motor wey I travel go my village for treatment, only for me to come back to dis betrayal."

"I no divorce her before I travel and if she insist say I divorce her make she show di letter wey I write her as proof."

Second husband Bala say Hauwa give am assurance say she don divorce her first husband na why e decide to marry her.

"She tell me say she don divorce Bello na dis reason make me pay bride price for marriage and we dey together for two years now so i surprise as her former husband come come back dey tok say dem still dey together."

Sani Shuaibu wey dey stay Mariri area for Kano wia di incident happun tell BBC say e know di issue wella and Hauwa and Bala na lovebirds even before she marry Bello.

"Di thing be say Bala na lorry driver and Hauwa dey sell food for dia garage and na dia dem meet come start love but along di line she leave go marry Bello and as Bello sickness start wey many think say e no go make am, Hauwa decide to marry her former lover Bala, so na so di thing be."

Sheik Nazifi Inuwa di chief imam wey dey control three jumuat mosques for Kano and na expert for islamic law, tell BBC say di first husband get power pass di second husband for dis mata.

"For islamic law, di first husband na im go win dis case because e use im mouth tok say e no divorce her and any islamic court na dat one dem go use even if di wife dey shout say e divorce me hundred times."

"Anoda thing be say for islam e dey wrong for pesin to go after woman wey get fiancee talkess of married woman so di second husband also suppose investigate well."

"Finally wetin suppose happun be say di first husband na im get wife because na im first marry her and e say e no divorce her."