Coronavirus: See di list of kontris wey don get COVID-19 disease as e dey spread

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Anoda pesin for Senegal don test positive for coronavirus, di kontri health ministry confam.

Di patient wey be di second confam case na 80-year-old French national wey arrive di West African kontri on 29 February.

Dem dey treat am for di same hospital for infectious disease for di capital, Dakar wey be di same place wia dem carry di first confam case go.

Since December 2019 wen di novel Coronavirus outbreak bin start for Wuhan, China, so far e don claim di lives of ova 3,000 pipo across di world.

As medical researchers and goment officials all ova di world dey look for cure and medicine to take contain di virus, di tin still dey spread from one kontri to anoda.

As at March 4, ova 70 kontris don cofam coronavirus cases, according to report from Pharmaceutical Technology.

See di list of di kontris , wen e enta dia kontri and di number of cases dem don report so far

Kontris Wen Coronavirus enta/ Number of cases
China 77,754 confam cases: ova 2000 pipo don die
Republic of Korea 5,328 confam cases: 32 pipo don die
Thailand 43 confam cases
Italy 2,036 confam cases: 52 pipo don die
Japan 284 confam cases: 12 pipo don die
Kuwait 56 confam cases
Bahrain 49 confam cases
Singapore 110 confam cases
US 105 confam cases
Taiwan 40 confam cases
Canada 33 confam cases
Oman 6 confam cases
Iran 2,236 confam cases: 77 pipo don die
Afghanistan one confam case
Israel 10 confam cases from diamond Princess cruise ship
United Kingdom 51 confam cases
Spain 165 confam cases: one pesin don die
Lebanon 13 confam cases
Australia 33 confam cases with one death
France 204 confam cases: two pipo don die
Egypt 2 confam case
Malaysia 36 confam cases
India 22 confam cases
United Arab Emirates 27 confam cases
Vietnam 16 confam cases
Germany 196 confam cases
Philippines 3 confam cases: one pesin don die
Belgium 13 confam cases
Russia 3 confam cases
Sweden 30 confam cases
Finland 6 confam cases
Sri Lanka Dem confam one case but di pesin don recover
Cambodia Dem confam one case
Nepal Dem confam one case
Austria 21 confam cases
Croatia 7 confam cases
Switzerland Dem don confam 56 cases
Greece Dem don confam seven cases
Algeria 5 confam cases
Nigeria Dem don confam one case
Senegal Dem don confam two cases
Brazil 2 confam cases
Pakistan 5 confam cases
Romania 4 confam cases
North Macedonia Only one confam case
Georgia 3 confam cases
Denmark 4 confam cases
Estonia 2 confam cases
San Marino 10 confam cases, one pesin don die
Lithuania Only one case
Belarus One confam cases
New Zealand One confam cases
Dominican Republic Only one confam case
Monaco One confam case
Luxembourg One confam case
Mexico Five confam cases
Armenia One confam case
Ecuador 7 confam cases
Azerbaijan 3 confam cases
Indonesia 2 confam cases
Andorra One confam case
Tunisia One confam case
Jordan One confam case
Saudi Arabia One confam case
Latvia One confam case
Morocco One confam case
Qatar 8 confam cases
Iceland 11 confam cases
Ukraine One confam case
Argentina One confam case
Chile One confam case
Liechtenstein One confam case
Ireland Two confam cases
Czech Republic five confam cases
Portugal 4 confam cases
The Netherlands 24 confam cases
Iraq 32 confam cases
Norway 32 confam cases

Source: Pharmaceutical Technology

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