Police Brutality: 77% of Nigerians say di killings dey high, while 23% claim say nothing like dat

Nigeria police

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One new survey wey dey come from NOIPolls don reveal say 77% of Nigeria believe say police brutality dey high and na serious mata for di kontri.

Dis research dey come out afta di death of Remo Stars Football Club player, Tiyamu Kazeem, wey dem claim say na police shoot am die for Sagamu and dis come lead to serious protest.

Di head of corporation communication for NOIPoll, Adedoyin Betiku, tell BBC say dem sample di opinion of 1,000 Nigeria from different geo-political zones, aspect of life and age group and di reason for dis survey na to reveal wetin pipo for public feel about police brutality.

E add say dem start di study from May 2019.

Wia dis foto come from, NOIPoll

"Di aim of dis poll na to bring to light di public view about police brutality. A lot of issue don dey ground concerning police misconduct, police brutality and how dem dey interface with di citizens and so we decide to put numbers to di way Nigeria think about police brutality."

"And 77% of Nigerians say police brutality dey happun well-well for di kontri. On di average, of almost 8 in 10 pipo say e dey high." Adedoyin tok.

40 percent of those wey dem interview say dem either don experience police brutality or know someone wey Nigeria police don show nwin.

Wetin pipo tink say be di main cause of Police Brutality.

Di study find out say large proportion of Nigerians (34%) say poor police welfare na im be di major cause of police brutality.

  • 17% mention say na inadequate(poor) training of Nigeria police personnel dey cause di way wey dem dey treat citizens.
  • 11% say na lack of contentment and greed.
  • Anoda 11% say na lack of experience.
  • 7% believe say na corruption within di Nigeria Police Force dey cause am.
  • Anoda 7% say di police officer dey power drunk.
  • 5% say na because of poor morals and discipline.
  • 4% say drug abuse wen on duty dey make dis officers dey treat citizens anyhow.
  • 2% say na poor monitoring of di policing system and personnel.
  • 2% say na poor recruitment process.

Wia dis foto come from, NOIPoll

Di study say 23% of Nigerians claim say police brutality no dey high.

E also show say Nigerians wey dey stay for South-South and South-West zones (87%) account for di biggest proportion of those wey agree say di issue of police brutality dey happun well-well.

Di mata of Police brutality don lead to plenti protest and even tok-tok for social media inside Nigeria. Hashtags like #Endsars don trend several time sake of dis mata.

Pipo don still do protest to call for di reform of Nigerian Police Force.

Source: NOIPolls