Election Results: Cameroon Constitutional Council don cancel February 9 elections for 11 areas for Anglophone regions

President Paul Biya dey vote during di 2020 Cameroon twin elections

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Cameroon Constitutional Council, don cancel di February 9 lawmakers and councillors elections inside 11 constituencies of di Anglophone regions wey fighting bin take place.

Di head of di constitutional council Clement Atanaga tok say dem agree to evidence of magomago wey happun dia and suggest to hold anoda election for dis areas.

Dis one mean say kontri pipo go vote again for 11 areas North West and South West regions afta Council cancel elections.

Tori be say di constitutional council gree wit petitions weh Social Democratic Front, SDF party file say cheating bi flop for lawmakers and council elections.

For number 9 day for February, kontri pipo bin vote for lawmakers, den afta, SDF party and oda parties file 40 complains for constitutional Council.

Afta dia two-day hearing, Constitutional Council pass judgment, say 11 areas for Northwest and Southwest go vote again.

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Council take de decision afta long and strong argument between SDF and Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, CPDM lawyers.

De council gree say evidence for plenti cheating bin dey for de elections and deh get for vote again.

De 11 constituencies na: Momo East, Mezam South, Bui Centre, Menchum South, Momo West, Mezam Centre, Bui West, Mezam and Menchum North and Lebialem for Southwest regions.

Out of de 40 cases for constitutional council and not even one bin pass exams, deh reject all except for de places weh deh cancel elections.

As e dey for section 135 paragraph one for electoral code, de new election get for hold 20 days from today weh deh cancel elections.