Coronavirus - Virus: Five red flags wey go show say you fit get di virus

Man wey dey check pesin temperature Image copyright Getty Images

As Coronavirus don cross enta Nigeria, e dey important to know some tips on how to prevent di virus sake of say prevention beta pass cure.

See some of di tins wey pesin wey get coronavirus dey face.

Fever and tiredness: Tori from sabi pipo be say dis na how di disease dey take start to dey show it self.

Dry cough: Afta, na cough go start as dis virus dey affect di respiratory organs for bodi. Na why advise dey say make you cover mouth.

Bodi Pain: Afta some time, e go come lead to muscle pain for some of di sickness.

Headache: Na headache go come follow next.

E dey hard to breath: Na like afta one week dis one go come show and e mean say water don start to dey pass garri. Go hospital for treatment abeg.

Five tips to help you no catch Coronavirus

Na di Lagos State goment dey bring dis tips on top how you fit dodge di virus wey catch one Italian man wey just land Lagos.

Personal cleanliness: Abeg dey wash your hands with soup nd water especially when you just comot from bathroom.

Dodge pipo wey get cold or flu: Coronavirus na respiratory infection, dis one mean e dey start with fever and dry cough. So therefore, if you see pesin wey go cold or get fever, just dey avoid dem.

Do yourself be careful join: If you dey cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with either tissue paper or your elbow. No forget say di advice na if you dey feel sick, rush yourself go hospital.

No dey touch animal anyhow: If you get farm animals or wild animals for your area, no touch dem to avoid wahala. If you go need to touch dem, make you protect yourself, by say you wash your hand.

Cook your meat and egg: If you must chop meat and egg abeg cook am well-well because life no get duplicate.

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