Coronavirus - Virus: Chinese chief for Kano say make pipo no dey fear dem

Chinese chief for Kano want make pipo no dey fear dem sake of Coronavirus

Chief Mike Zhang wey be 'Wakilin Yan China' leader of di Chinese community for Kano, northwest Nigeria say make pipo do business with dem without any fear even though coronavirus begin from dia place.

Na last year Emir of Kano turban Zhang wey don spend 18 years for Nigeria as Wakilin Yan China wey make am leader of di ova 5000 Chinese community for Kano.

"Wetin I go tok about wetin dey happun be say make pipo no dey fear Chinese pipo, make dem do business with dem freely nothing go happen."

"We don hold several meeting with our pipo telling dem all di safety things dem suppose do so we dey also call on pipo of Kano and Nigeria to do business with us without any fear, nothing go happun."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Kano get many Chinese pipo wey dey come do business

Last week for Kano, one Chinese man enter one mall to buy some things and immediately pipo sight am dem begin shift and move away from wia e dey.

Dat one no be di first time wey pipo dey fear to get close to Chinese pipo for di most populous state for Nigeria.

So far no any suspected case of Covid 19 for di state and on Sunday, di state goment release emergency numbers wey pipo fit call if dem dey suspect anybody or anything.