Anglophone crisis: IRC, NRC say make parties stop for attack civilians

Anglophone crisis: houses wey scatter

Wia dis foto come from, Norwegian Refugee Council

International Rescue Committee, IRC and Norwegian Council for Refugees, NRC di call on goment and separatist forces for Northwest and Southwest regions for Cameroon make deh stop for attack civilians.

Civilians for NW and SW don suffer plenti from de crisis weh e start for 2016 as deh burn houses, wound some and odas di stay for bush.

De two international organisations say de crisis weh don turn for some kana wowo way as deh di attack civilians, property and violate humanitarian space.

For dem, more dan 700,000 people don run go oda areas for kontri, and nearly a million pikin dem no di go school. About 60,000 dey for Nigeria and about 3000 don die.

"Ah nova go school for two years, de 'boys' stop us for go school. If you try deh go beat you. My teacher try for give we private classes but deh take e, torture e", Charlene 23 tori.

No bi all, military also burn Charlene dia house because de 'boys' bin hide for corridor, so deh loss all tin and deh no get place for stay.

Charlene e family no bi de only one weh e di suffer from dis crisis, killings plenti and de population di live inside fear.

IRC and NRC say de killing for Ngarbuh for number 14 day for November wit women and pikin dem inside de pipo weh deh die, na only one of de attacks weh deh di worri, and deh no di record some of de killings.

"We no fit remain quiet make deh di attack civilians weh deh fit defend dem selfs, and don di suffer before from poverty and weh deh need assistance", Maureen Magee, NRC Regiona Director for Central and West Africa tok.

For e part, Paul Taylor, IRC Regional Vice-president for West Africa say, "pipo bi forced for run, sleep for open air weh deh no get clean wata and chop".

E add say agencies need more recourses for helep de pipo weh de crisis di force for run go oda areas and parties get for allow access for aid agencies for go give basic need for pipo.