Dongban-Mensem: Wetin you need to know about di President of Nigeria Court of Appeal

Justice Monica Bolna'an Dongban-Mensem

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Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari don appoint Justice Monica Bolna'an Dongban-Mensem Acting President for di Court of Appeal.

Di appointment wey go first last three months go begin wit immediate effect from di number 6 day of March, 2020.

According to Presidency post for Twitter, di number 6 day of March na di day wey di current President of di Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa, go retire from service.

Justice Mensem, na di next senior Judge of di Court of Appeal, and Presidency say she "go dey act until President Buhari appoint pesin to di position base on Senate confirmation.

Di appointment na based on approval of di kontri Chief Justice of di Nigeria as par wetin Section 238(4) & (5) of the 1999 Constitution tok.

Who be Justice Dongban-Mensem?

Wetin we call dis foto,

Justice Dongban-Mensem dey do traffic work when she get break from court

Dem born Justice Monica Bolna'an Dongban-Mensem for 13 June 1957, for Shendam, Dorok District for Plateau State.

Justice Dongban-Mensem attend St. Theresa's Girls School, Jos between 1968 -1970.

She graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, from di faculty of Law for 1979 and then attend Nigerian Law School, Lagos State for 1980.

Na 2003 she become Justice of di Court of Appeal and she be di most senior judge afta Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa.