Ghana at 63: Here be 10 interesting facts you never know about di kontri

Ghana flag

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Every country for de world inside get something wey dey make dem stand out, usually in de area of culture, history den tins. Today as Ghana dey celebrate en 63rd Independence Anniversary, make we gist you on de top 10 things you no know about Ghana

1. First country for sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence

Ghana be de first country for sub-Saharan Africa wey gain independence on 6th March, 1957. Today be exactly 63 years since Ghana wrestle dema freedom British colonial authority to manage dema own affairs.

2. Ghana means 'warrior king'

De word 'ghana' dey mean 'Warrior King' inside Mande, Sonike language wey some estimated 2 million people dey speak across West Africa.

3. Trans-Atlantic trade

Ghana be de center of de trans-Atlantic slave trade. De Portuguese first arrive for Ghana formerly known as 'Gold Coast' around 1471 where dem start to trade plus de local people. Goods like salt gold, spirits, fine cloth den stuff. Later, European powers start dey capture den sell human beings from West Africa into slavery for Europe and America.

4. 'Kente' cloth dey originate from Ghana

Kente dey come from Ghana, oral history from Bonwire, de Ghanaian village wey produce first kente say de cloth dey in existence for 377 years now. In recent years, kente come turn iconic symbol for de Black race across de world.

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Ghana be de producers of 'fantasy coffins' for de world inside

5. Producers of 'fantasy coffins'

Ghana be de producers of 'fantasy coffins' for de world inside. Ghanaians dey take dema dead relations very serious, sake of that sometimes dem dey manufacture artistic coffins to bury de dead.

Usually de coffins dey represent something which be closely related to de person wey die like en car, profession etc. For instance if career driver die, dem fit create coffin which dey look like car to bury am

6. One war for Ghana last 77 years

De longest war for Ghana against European invaders last 77 years, dis be de Anglo-Ashanti War from 1823 to 1900

De Anglo-Ashanti Wars be five conflicts wey happen between de Ashanti Empire and the British Empire. Dis war bring Ashanti Empire under then British Gold Coast Colony.

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7. Ghana get de biggest man-made lake in de world

Ghana get de biggest man-made lake in de world, Lake Volta. De lake dey span over 320 miles, which dey travel from South-western parts of de country to North.

8. Ghanaians dey name children based on day of birth

Ghanaians dey name children based on de day dem born dem. Usually de first names of children of wey dem come from Akan tribes like Fante and Ashanti dey name kiddies based on e day dem born dem. Dem believe say de day get spiritual, social and lifelong influence on parts of de person en life.

For instance a male born on Sunday is Kwasi while de female is Akosua. A male Tuesday born is Kwabena while de female be Abena.

So from Monday to Sunday every child dey bear one name based on de day dem born am.

9. English dictionaries adopt local language 'kwashiokor'

De most popular Ghanaian local language wey dey inside English dictionary inside be, kwashiorkor. Kwashiokor be Ga language which dey describe child wey dey suffer from malnutrition, especially protein.

10. Fastest man in de world to run backwards

De fastest man in de world to run backwards be Ghanaian, Ferdie Adoboe. He set world record for de fastest 100 yard backwards sprint which he complete in 12.7 seconds around 1983.