International Women Day: Five ways men and women no dey equal for Nigeria

Women march

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One UN study wey comot on Thursday show say almost 90 percent of pipo for di world, both men and women dey biased against women, even as dem dey try close di gender equality gap.

For Nigeria, women dey make up 49% of di kontri population but neva still get di same rights as men.

Make we check out some of di ways Nigerian man and woman no dey equal.

Citizenship rights

Section 26 (2) (a) of di 1999 Constitution give di right of citizenship to any woman wey marry Nigerian man but no be so for Nigerian woman.

Many pipo don vex say e be discrimination of dia nationality rights sotay dem tok say e fit cause mental kata-kata.

But one member of House of Reps, Hon. Akin Alabi dey di process to change dat kain law, and di bill pass first reading on February 27.

Child Marriage

Nigeria get one of di highest case of girl child marriage for di world. UNICEF tok say e pass 40% of women for di kontri wey dey marry before dem clock 18.

And di law permit am. Section 29 (4) (b) of di 1999 constitution wey dem amend tok say "any woman wey don marry go dey seen as adult." Na Muslims dey support di bill pass on top say dia law no tok wetin adult be for marriage.

But di federal goment don adopt di Child Right Act (2003) wey make child marriage illegal and minimum age for marriage to increase to 18.

But di CRA no go fit work for Nigeria because say e go against wetin dey di Nigerian constitution.


For Nigeria, women na husband property as dem see am and afta di husband die, dis mentality fit lead to violation of her human rights, all for di name of culture.

Men no suppose to show any sadness or emotion for public when dia wife die unto say, head of family but for woman na different mata.

For some parts of Nigeria, women na first suspect if dia husband die and need to prove her innocence for ways wey mouth suppose no tok, odas dey show rape of woman and shaving of hair for mourning period.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Wetin single women dey see for landlords hand

To rent house

To rent house for many parts of di kontri na serious palava for single women wey need to bring men to prove say dem be responsible women so dem go fit get place to stay but no be di same for man dem.

Dis na because many landlords tink say woman no suppose comot from her papa house till she marry, which dey cause wahala for women wey wan work.

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Family Planning

Di way culture dey play role for society for Nigeria na one of di reasons family planning no dey work.

Na only 13 percent of women wey dey relationship or don marry within di age of 15 to 49 dey use contraceptives.

Di issue be say for many parts of Nigeria, mostly for north na di man decision weda woman go do family planning and wetin come bad pass be say wen di man decide, sometimes dem no go tell her.