Lockdown Lagos Nigeria: Government Covid-19 update and how to self-isolate for coronavirus

Lockdown Lagos Nigeria: Government Covid-19 update and how to self-isolate for coronavirus

Sake of di Coronavirus outbreak, leaders of many kontries don advice dia population to take measures to prevent di spread of Covid-19 disease.

For those wey don get di disease or dey come from places wia patients wey get di Coronavirus plenty, di professional advice na to 'self-isolate' (or self-quarantine).

But you sabi wetin self-isolate (or self-quarantine) mean and how to do am?

Di general medical advice be say, if you suspect say you get coronavirus, don dey in contact wit pesin wey don get am, or don dey wia plenty cases of di virus bin dey, den you need to self-isolate.

Dis na even if authorities never tell you to do am.

Watch dis video to learn di correct way to do self-isolation.

How dis Virus dey spread

  • According to di World health Organization, dis new coronavirus na respiratory virus wey dey spread mainly through contact with infected pesin through discharge wey come out from di pesin. For example, coughs or sneezes, or through droplet of saliva or discharge from di nose.
  • Coronaviruses na zoonotic, meaning say na from animals na im humans dey contact di virus.
  • Pipo wey dey live or travel go area wia di CODVID-19 virus start (Hubei, China) fit dey for risk of infection. Those wey dey infected from oda kontries dey among pipo wey recently travel from China or wey don dey live or work closely wit those travellers, like family members, co-workers or medical rofessionals wey dey care for patient before dem know say di patient dey infected with di virus.

Who dey for more risk?

  • Older pipo plus those wey bin get medical conditions before (like diabetes and heart disease) dey for more risk to dey seriously sick with di virus, according to WHO.
  • Health workers wey dey care for pesin wey dey sick with COVID-19 disease dey for higher risk and must protect demsef with di correct infection prevention and control procedures.

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Wetin we know about Coronavirus

Since March 2020, World Health Organization, di ogbonge joinbodi on health mata for world, declare coronavirus as pandemic wey mean say e don dey every where for world.

As at today 21 December, 2020, according to di Worldometer, na at least 1,699,562 pipo don die from di virus so far and na at least 77,169,553 pipo don get di Covid 19 disease wit active cases for more than 200 kontris.

BBC Pidgin also find out say at least 82,779 around di world don recover.

Di virus, wey dem also know as 2019-nCoV, na new strain of coronavirus wey dem neva see for humans before.

Coronaviruses na broad family of viruses, but na only six (di new one go make am seven) na im expert know say don infect pipo.

World Health Organization bin don advise say make pipo avoid "unprotected" contact with live animals, and make dem cook meat and eggs well-well, plus avoid close contact with anyone wit cold or flu-like symptoms as way to protect demsef against Covid-19.