Coronavirus: Wife of SA first patient don catch di Covid-19 disease

Pesin dey wear mask for SA airport

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SA confam 3rd case of coronavirus

Di wife of di first coronavirus patient for South Africa don also test positive, which mean say di kontri don confam three cases, health ministry tok.

Di couple bin visit Italy as part of a group of 10 but dia two children test negative.

Dey confam di woman 39-year-old husband positive on Thursday and on Sunday, Health Minister Zweli Mkize tok say im speak wit am.

"E day in high spirit and jovial," Mr Mkihize tok.

On Saturday, a 39-year-old woman wey return with di group from Italy also test positive of di coronavirus.

"We dey expect di result of di oda six group members who travel go Italy within di next 48 hours," the ministry tok for statement.

Africa don get more than 30 cases of di coronavirus as Algeria bin dey mostly affected, wit 17 cases - 16 of dem for one family.