Coronavirus: Cameroon students for Hubei raise alarm, but official say Fcfa 50 million na for ‘should in case’

Abanchime Limangana tok about fi FCFA 50million for emergency

Wia dis foto come from, External Relation Ministry

Wetin we call dis foto,

Director for External Relation ministry, Abanchime Limangana

Cameroonian community for Hubei province for China raise alarm say deh FCFA 50 million goment assistance nova reach dem.

But, Cameroon goment official say de FCFA 50 million ($86,673) goment assistance na make embassy use am for any should in case situation weh e concern coronavirus, no bi for share de moni for each student.

Abanchime Limangana, Director for external relations tok afta Cameroonians students send letter for Ambassador for Cameroon for Pekin-China, Martin Mpana.

"We no get chop, no wata and basic supplies, also de list for beneficiaries include some pipo weh coronavirus no di affect dem", deh write.

"We bi de only community weh deh quarantine since number 23rd day for January 2020 weh China declare say de province get for enta quarantine", kontri pipo for China tok.

For number 20 day for February, release from ministry of external relations say, from dia census, 300 students dey for Hubei province and 200 of dem no di komot for house.

"For seka de suffering and hard life and of dis kontri pipo for dis quarantine zone, Head of state, order finance ministry for give FCFA 50million for Cameroon Ambassador for China as assistance for kontri pipo", Felix Mbayu Minister delegate for external relations bi write.

Na for because of dis release weh Cameroonian community for Hubei province, say deh dey for trouble as assistance weh goment promise dem nova reach, plus say de list include pipo weh deh no quarantine.

But Abanchime Limangana, Director of Asian affairs and relations with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, for external relations ministry say dat moni bin bi na for Ambassador for use'am for should in case from coronavirus.

"Dis moni weh goment komot na for should in case and de moni don already bi for embassy, no bi for move from student to student share de moni, and e bi clear", De Director tell BBC News Pidgin.

China di give masks for kontris, and if any Cameroon no fit buy mask why e go for China, Limangana kweshion.

E add say most Cameroonians for China get scholarship and Chinese goment di give dem pocket moni everi moon, and na around 3000 kontri pipo dey for China.

"As usual, goment and embassy di follow de situation closely, and just now deh nova get specific case weh goment get for assist", Limangana stress.

Cameroon di follow even workers and all man weh e go work for China, only one Cameroonian bi get coronavirus and e get well as Chinese goment treat e.

We get good relations wit China and deh no fit quarantine pikin dem no di give dem chop and wata.