Aminu Ado Bayero: Kano State don get new Emir afta dem remove Muhammad Sanusi II

Aminu Ado Bayero

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook/Kano

Kano State don get new Emir, im name na Aminu Ado Bayero.

Dis appointment of new Emir dey come only hours afta di Kano State Executive Council remove di former Emir Muhammad Sanusi II.

Emir Aminu Ado Bayero don become di 15th Emir of di Kano Emirate.

Wetin bin happun before?

For statement wey di secretary to di Kano state goment release, dem say dem listen to di relevant stakeholders before dem come to dis conclusion.

Dem claim say di Emir of Kano totally disrespect lawful instructions from di office of di state Govnor and other lawful authorities wey include im refusal to attend official meetings and programmes wey di goment organize without any beta reason.

Di state also tok say di Emir break law of di Kano State emirate.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Tori be say right now police vehicles tanda for di entrance of di Emir palace for Kano

Dem add say di decision to remove di emir na to secure di state, im culture, tradition, religion and prestige, the statement tok.

Di governor don call on di pipo to dey calm, obey law of di land and make dem continue with dia normal business.

Sanusi removal no just start

Three years after Sanusi climb di position as emir, im begin to dey campaign against some social behaviour for di region. One of di tins wey e tok na say make poor man no marry two wives. To dey marry more dan one wife popular well well for d north.

For 2017, pesin write petition on top im head say im tiff money wey be for di emirate council.

Plenty report tok say na because of im plenty campaign dem be wan comot am dat time.

But, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and oda powerful politician save im head wen dem beg for am. Ganduje con write letter beg for am on top di petition.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Sanusi become di Emir for June 2014, inside mata wey many say na political arrangee make im for no face accuse

New dethronement plot

Two years after di powerful pipo beg for am, di governor propose bill to create four emirs to dey share Kano emirate with Sanusi. Di four new emirs get same power as Sanusi. Di action reduce Sanusi power, wey be say 44 councils wey dey under im control before con reduce to only eight.

Small time afta dem don cut im power, di Kano Public Complaints Anticorruption Commission start to dey investigate di emir on top financial misconduct for di second time.

Di emir try fight back and im come go get order from Magistrate court for Kano wey command di Anticorruption Commission make dem stop to dey investigate di emir.

Anoda gbege start last week wen di State Assembly form eight-man committee to investigate di emir again.

Di state assembly tok say dem collect two petitions wey accuse di emir say im no dey obey law and tradition.

Na report from dis petitions con lead to Sanusi dethronement today, Monday, March 9, 2020.

Like grandfather, like grandson

No bi Sanusi go first chop sack as emir. Im grandfather, Muhammad Sanusi I, sef chop sack wen political authorities for 1963 tok say im no dey respect dem.

Di grandfather no sidon pass nine years on top the thrown wen dem commot am.