Sanusi Lamido: Why e fit easy for young pipo, women to understand di situation of di dethroned Emir of Kano

Family portrait of di Emir of Kano

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Emir Sanusi marry four wives and e get plenty pikins.

"I accept wetin do me wit good faith."

Former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido II tok dis one on Tuesday for new video im release afta Kano state goment remove am from di powerful throne for northern Nigeria.

Sanusi wey dey speak Hausa for di video, ginger di pipo of Kano north west Nigeria to dey live in peace and make dem support di new Emir.

Now dis na why e fit easy for young pipo and women to understand wetin di dethroned Emir of Kano dey go through.

For many young pipo and women e still dey do dem somehow for body because di former Emir na somebody wey get personality wey dem dey relate with.

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See di tins wey young pipo wey never old pass 30 fit relate wit Sanusi Lamido

Emir Sanusi no like to follow tradition

Since from di time wey Sanusi become Emir of Kano on June 8, 2014 to di time e comot on March 9, 2020 most of di tins wey im do na to confam say e wan dey different imsef from oda Emirs before am.

As Emir e send in daughter to represent am for one event for Abuja wey make many pipo for northern Nigeria shout say e wan destroy and spoil dia culture and religion.

To di sacking of many concubines wey dey stay for Emir palace for many many years because e believe say no be good thing and di tradition suppose end.

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Sanui Lamido for Norway - Im last official trip abroad for February 2020 before dem remove am

Modern King

From di beginning one of di things wey make Sanusi enter young pipo and women heart na because dem see say na somebody wey represent di new generation.

E dey educated, well travelled and e get exposure wella and na pesin wey no dey allow pipo dictate to am.

For many women for northern Nigeria one of di first things wey first attract dem to Sanusi na when northern Nigeria biggest musician now Naziru Sarkin Waka sing for am.

Di song 'Dan Lamido' na such a big hit dat time wey be say almost every household inside northern Nigeria dey play am for house.

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Sanusi Lamido become Emir of Kano on June 8, 2014

Man wey dey speak for women

Anoda thing be say Sanusi also dey campaign for girls to dey go school, make begging stop and under age marriage and polygamy for pipo wey no fit afford am.

All that one na im make young pipo and women dey relate with Sanusi on a personal level.

Di tin be say mordern day pipo like to free demsefs and tok dia minds. Dat na di kind of pesin wey Sanusi Lamido Sanusi be.

And as e be say Kano na reserved Muslim town, for pesin to free im mind like behave or think as im like, e no dey easy, but dat na who Emir Sanusi be.

Main things to sabi about Sanusi Lamido

Dem born Lamido Sanusi into Fulani Royal family for Kano northwest Nigeria and e become di 14th Emir after di death of Ado Bayero for 2014.

E tok say na im life long ambition to become Emir of Kano wey big wella for northern Nigerians muslims side.

Dem born am into fulani royal family for Kano and e become govnor of Nigeria central bank for 2009.

Dem sack am for 2009 as CBN Govnor after e yan say $20bn oil money dey miss.

Time Magazine name am among dia most influential pipo for 2011.

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Sanusi get two degrees - Economic and Islamic Studies

In 2013 e colect special award on to how e dey help promote Islamic banking and finance for Global Islamic Finance Awards.

E become 14th Emir of Kano and na grandson to di 11th Emir.

In di 1990s e quit job wey dey pay wella to go Sudan go study Islam and Arabic.

Long before Sanusi become Emir e say e no gree with some pipo for north wey want sharia, im argument be say more important things to handle dey ground.

But na govnor for central bank na im many pipo sabi am pass.

After e yan say about $20 bn don miss inside oil money for di kontri na im President Goodluck Jonathan suspend am.

Sanusi challenge im suspension for court but dem still sack and e later withdraw di case.

Some pipo wey dey criticise Sanusi say e too dey feel say e beta pass and why e no go gree face di corruption charges wey dey ground.

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Afta Kano Govnor announce Aminu Ado Bayero as as di new Emir of Kano, di former emir Sanusi lawyer tok say police arrest am.

Wetin BBC Pidgin sabi be say di Kano State govnor tok tok pesin say wen dem remove Emir, im go go on exile go stay for anoda place (Nasarawa) & and dem go put am under house arrest.

But as tins be so, Sanusi Lawyer say dem go carri di mata go court.

Why Sanusi chop sack?

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Muhammadu Sanusi II na former governor of Nigeria's central bank

Di goment say dem remove am to "safeguard di culture, tradition, religion and prestige of di Kano emirate", dem accuse di emir of "total disrespect" of institutions and di govnor office.

Di emir role

  • Dem bin get all di power before British colonial rule
  • Dem become part of colonial administration
  • Small constitutional powers since independence
  • Dem dey see dem as custodian of religion and tradition
  • Dem dey respect dem well-well mainly for di north wey get many Muslim

So how pipo react to Muhammad Sanusi II removal for social media react?

Some pipo believe say im removal no dey fair at all.

But no be everybody wey dey sad about Muhammad Sanusi II removal