Coronavirus: Queen Elizabeth give ogbonge speech about Covid-19

Queen Elizabeth II

Wia dis foto come from, Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth di ll don tell UK say "we go succeed" in di fight against di coronavirus pandemic, inside ogbonge message to di nation.

Inside di speech, di Queen thank pipo say dem follow goment rules to stay home and praise those "wey come together to help odas".

She also thank key workers, say "every hour" of work "dey bring us closer to return to more normal times".

Dis wan dey come as di number of pipo wey don die from di virus for UK reach 4,934.

'We go meet again'

"While we don face challenge dem before, dis one dey different," di Queen tok.

"Dis time we join all nations across di globe for one tin, to use ogbonge science and our compassion to heal. We go succeed - and that success go belong to every one of us.

"Make we take comfort say while we fit still get to endure, better days go return: we go be with our friends again; we go be with our families again; we go meet again."

Di Queen, 93, also say di "painful sense of separation from pipo loved ones" say social distancing from pipo remind her of di experience children wey dem evacuate get during di Second World War.

"Now, as den, we know, deep down, say na di right thing to do," she tok.

Wia dis foto come from, PA Wire

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di Queen say she dey remember her first radio broadcast, for 1940, wen she and her sister Princess Margaret speak to child wey dem evacuate

Di Queen say everybody wey dey follow di guidance to stay for house dey "help to protect di vulnerable and dey help many families avoid di pain wey pipo wey don lose dia loved ones dey face".

Na di fifth time di Queen don give dis kain speech in her 68-year reign.