Coronavirus tips: See how lockdown end for Wuhan wia Covid-19 disease outbreak start

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Learn how Wuhan dealt with the lockdown

Authorities for China don allow pipo for Wuhan - di place wia Covid-19 disease outbreak bin start - to leave di city

Dis na di first time dem dey relax di lockdown for di Chinese city since January 23, wia di coronavirus pandemic bin start for December.

Anybody wey get "green" code dat one na smartphone health app wey pipo dey use wella dem go allow di pesin to leave.

Dem don open Train, road and rail connections.

Dis dey come afta authorities say nobody die from di disease on Tuesday, di first time since dem begin publish figures.

How China end 11 weeks lockdown for Wuhan?

To contain di spread for Wuhan, authorities ban pipo to travel and close down most of di business dem for di city wia 11 million pipo dey leave.

Chinese authorities believe say di decision wey dem take reduce di infection rate and majority of cases now of di disease dey outside of China.

Tori be say last month, Wuhan report dia first full week without any new infection, dat na why dem re-open shopping malls. Some pipo wey dey for "epidemic-free" residential compounds dem allow dem to leave dia house for two hours.

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From Wednesday, approved residents go fit use public transport if dem fit provide QR code for scanning. Di code dey unique for everybody and e get links to dia confirmed health status.

Pipo wey dey make medical supplies and oda daily goods dem go allow dem return back to work. Oda industries wey get impact nationally or global supply chains go also re-open too.

Even though say air service neva return fully, tori be say 200 flight dey scheduled to leave Wuhan on Wednesday, wey go carry about 10,000 passengers.

China state media show aerial footage with nearly 100 high-speed trains wey dey ready to leave di city and dem also show express road wey dem don comot roadblock.

But limit still dey ontop transport and schools still dey closed until further notice.

Officials for Wuhan don also cancel di "epidemic-free" status of 45 residents' compounds because of asymptomatic cases, asymptomatic na pipo wey get di disease but no dey show symptoms and for so kain reasons wey dem no tok.

But di lockdown still dey for oda areas across China. For Beijing, wia dem report 31 new cases on Monday, di city authorities don announce tough new measures. Anybody wey dey enta di city dem must quarantine di pesin and di pesin go check di pesin health.