Coronavirus update: 'Because my uncle get Coronavirus pipo for my street dey avoid me'

Kano victim nephew
Wetin we call dis foto,

Pesin wey dey related to Coronavirus patient for Kano

Tukur Bello (not real name) na nephew to pesin wey become di first to get covid 19 for Kano northwest Nigeria on Saturday.

Im tell BBC say e dey shocked say pipo for im street dey avoid am.

Bello wey no wan make BBC tok im real name or show im face add say e no interact with im uncle wey get di disease in many months and di way some pipo dey act if dem see am for street na like dem see pesin wey go soon die.

"As i get phone call from a relative wey tell me say our uncle don get covid 19 shock catch me wella because na disease wey before now na for only news i dey see or hear am but now e don catch pesin wey dey close to me, my father younger brother, wey make now a personal issue instead of how i dey hear am for news before."

"But wetin shock me pass na say since di announcement pipo for my street wey know my uncle and know say e dey visit our house dey avoid me even though say dem neva see am visit in months. E get wia i dey normally go siddon gist with friends especially weekends and as i go there nobody dey and when i cal some of dem for phone dem just dey give one excuse or di oda."

"If i dey waka for street since Saturday wey pipo for my street know wetin dey happun e get one kind look wey i notice say dem dey give me and dat ting dey pain no be small."

Tukur wey be graduate and still dey look for work yan say wetin e wan make pipo know be say if pesin get covid 19 no mean say all im relatives don catch di disease and anoda thing be say level of information wey pipo get about di disease still dey low.

As im uncle dey Kwanar Dawaki isolation centre wey Kano goment arrange for covid 19 victims, Tukur say e dey pray for quick recovery for am and dem don do family meeting to try see how dem go support di uncle immediate family for dis trying time.

Finally, Tukur tok say im wish now no pass to see say pipo wey dey im street start to relate with am normal like before.

"Nobody go like live life wey oda pipo dey dodge am like pesin wey go soon die even though e dey normal. I wish say pipo for my street go behave normal with me, na my uncle get am no be me, i don call one elderly man for my area make e tok to dem."

Wia dis foto come from, Kano state government

Wetin we call dis foto,

Kano index case

Kano state for northwest Nigeria record dia first case of covid 19 according to special adviser to di govnor, Salihu Tanko Yakassai.