Abba Kyari: Who go replace President Muhammadu Buhari former chief of staff?

BAbagana, Adamu, ElRufai, Hameed

Afta di death of di chief of staff to Nigeria President Abba Kyari, di focus now na ontop who go replace am.

Oga Kyari die from Coronavirus last Friday for one Lagos hospital and dem bury am for Abuja di next morning.

E be one of di very few powerful pesin wey also get level among all di pipo wey dey work with President Muhammadu Buhari.

And so, many pipo dey feel whoever take ova im office go inherit am togeda with di power and levels wey late oga Kyari enjoy.

One political analyst Dr Abubakar Kari of University of Abuja tok say so far, many Buhari close associates dey ground wey im feel say fit be replacement for oga Kyari.

"I think Buhari fit pick either Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, Nigeria Custom Chief Rtd Conel Hameed Ali or Minister of Education Malam Adamu Adamu as im new Chief of Staff, " Dr Kari add.

Oga Kingibe and late Kyari na both from Borno state and oga Kingibe don bin dey ogbone offices before.

Kingibe also get good close relationship with di president currently, according to Dr Kari.

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Di late Abba Kyari serve Buhari as im chief of staff since 2015 before im death

Equally di analyst tok say Malam Adamu and Colonel Ali also don enjoy di same, if not much closer relationship with Buhari.

"So e no go come as surprise, if Buhari decide to pick from di two," e add.

According to Dr Kari, di office of chief of staff to di president na very important one, but you no fit compare am with di office of state governor.

"And so, na opposite to wetin some pipo dey tink, e go dey very difficult to justify Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai as possible replacement to late Abba Kyari," e tok.

Some also tink say, President Buhari fit by imsef pick im former Minister of Interior AbdurRahman Dambazau because according to dem, e don dey eye di office for years.

But Dr Kyari tok say, considering di fact say Buhari no re-appoint am as minister for 2019, "I think Mr Dambazau too dey out of di race."

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President Buhari and Abba Kyari be friends for over 40 years

Wen we contact APC National Welfare Officer Alhaji Ibrahim Masari, e tok say e go dey too early to start to dey tok about issues like dat.

"Since no be elected position and vote dey involve, therefore we need to dey patient and wait for di President to pass through dis grieving period."

"Den later, e fit tok di right pesin wey go occupy dis ogbonge office," Masari tok.

Babagana Kingibe

Since afta di re-election of Buhari for 2019, Kingibe don build good relationship with di current goment especially because e come from di same state of Borno as Abba Kyari.

Even though di role wey im play for di past goment because former President Umaru Yar'Adua dismiss Kingibe as SGF afta Yar'Adu's return from medical vacation, fit affect am.

And di incidents follow di cancelling of MKO Abiola election for 1993, Kingibe na di running mate of Abiola but di Head of State dat time, General Sani Abacha later appoint am as minister of interior.

For the above reasons, some especially from South-West region of di kontri fit no dey comfortable with am.

But Kingibe get di know-how and experience of public service.

Hameed Ali

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Na im be di custom oga for Nigeria. Rtd Colonel Ali don dey work with President Buhari since dia military days. Many pipo dey see am as one of di few pipo Buhari put for position of trust.

Colonel Ali close associate always dey give testimony of di way im no dey corrupt at all and e dey always follow due process.

If President Buhari pick am, di decision fit no go down well with politicians because e be di no fear or favour type.

Adamu Adamu

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E be di minister of education since di beginning of Buhari goment for 2015.

E work with Buhari for plenti years and e be one of di few associates wey fit work straight to see im oga for di Presidential Villa.

Before im ministerial appointment, Malam Adamu na ogbonge writer. E dey always dey express im opinion concerning national and international issues.

Governor Nasir el-Rufai

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Di Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai dey presently suffer from Coronavirus - di same disease wey kill Abba Kyari.

Reports fly upandan say di governor don bin lobby to get di office last year, but no strong evidence to support dis report.

Since afta Buhari form CPC, el-Rufai come be im close political ally and e get very big influence for Nigeria goment.

If president Buhari pick am as some analyst dey suggest, e go be opportunity for am to make im presidential ambition for 2023 come true- dat na afta Buhari don complete im time for office.

Even though some pipo dey see am as very controversial and dis fit affect im chance.