Coronavirus prevention tips: How you fit survive pregnancy during di Covid-19 pandemic

Woman wey get belle for Ghana

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Woman wey get belle for Ghana

To carri belle na something of joy and na wetin pipo dey always pray for. But for dis coronavirus outbreak period, mothers wey get belle no to get joy.

Dem dey fear, dey worry and dia mind no dey at rest as di time wey dem suppose dey happy, di virus no gree dem.

To learn more about how women fit take protect demselves and di pikin wey dey dia belle, di President of di International Confederation of Midwives Franka Cadée bin address some of di concerns pregnant women fit get.

E dey safe to continue to dey go antenatal?

Many women wey get belle dey fear to go antennal as dem dey observe di social distancing rule. As many tins dey change for di world wit dis lockdown, midwives and nurses also don begin keep clinic appointment through fone.

Cadée advise say make expectant mothers find out from dia health care providers, di best way dem fit continue to dey do antenatal for dis period.

If I get coronavirus disease (COVID-19) I fit pass am to my pikin?

We still neva know if e dey possible make di virus pass from mama to pikin wen di pikin still dey belle. "Dem neva see Covid- 19 inside vaginal fluid, for di cord blood or even inside breastmilk" Cadee say informate on top dat one dey comot small-small. But up till now, dem neva see COVID- 19 inside di amniotic fluid or inside placenta.

Di best thing na to take all necessary measures and make sure say you no catch coronavirus. But if you dey pregnant or you just born and you dey feel sick, abeg, quickly call your healthcare provider and follow all di advice dem give.

I dey plan to born for hospital or healthcare clinic. E still be better option?

Make women ask dia midwife or any health expert where dem believe say go be di safest place for dem to born.

Cardee say e depend on di woman, her situation and how di healthcare system dey work.

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African American man wit im pregnant wife

My partner or family member fit dey near me when wan born?

For dis kain mata, different kontris get as dem dey take handle am. Cadée believe say women suppose get pesin for side wey go support dem as long as long as di pesin dey protected, like if di pesin wear mask for delivery room and e wash im hands wit soap and water.

She say some kontris no dey gree make anybody near woman for delivery room because dem wan reduce di number of pipo wey go dey around her, that one beta but e dey important make at least one pesin dey wit her wen she dey born. If e be her partner, her sister, mother or anybody wey she choose.

Fear dey catch me to born, wetin I fit do to cope?

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Coronavirus tips: How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19

Get plan on how you want make everytin take be, e go reduce di fear. Get di fone number of pesin wey you go like follow tok when labour start, know who you want make e provide support for you during labour. Do simple tins for house wey go make you relax like exercise.

Do breathing exercise, call your midwife if any problem dey. Take good care of yourself. "Eat well, drink well, touch your belle and enjoy di fact say you carry belle.

Which kain questions I fit ask my healthcare professional?

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Woman wey get belle

When e come to di plan of how you go take born your pikin, e dey important to ask many questions as you like. Cadée suggests di following:

•I dey at risk of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for dis space? Anybody don dey here wey catch COVID-19 virus?

•How you dey take separate pipo wey get COVID-19 virus from pipo wey no get?

•Any cloth dey to protect healthcare professionals?

•E dey allowed make pesin stay wit me? If not, why?

•I dey allowed to keep my baby with me? If not, why?

•I go dey allowed to breastfeed my baby? If not, why?

•Dem go gree me born through my vaginal or na Caesarean section una go wan do? If so, why?

Wetin make woman wey wan go born carry go hospital wit dis coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak?

Women no need carry any extra thing apart from di normal ones wey di healthcare provide advice,she only need to dey extra careful.

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Mama and pikin

Once I don born, wetin I fit do to protect my newborn from di COVID-19 virus?

The best thing you fit do na to keep am simple: Make e be only you and your family, dis no be di right time to allow pipo come visit.

"Also make sure your children (If you get oda ones) no mix wit oda pipo children. Make sure say your family de wash dia hands and dem dey take good care of themselves. Cardee tok.

I be expectant mother. How I fit protect myself during dis COVID- 19 pandemic?

Research show say pregnant women no dey at higher risk to catch Covid- 19 but because of di changes for dia body and dia immune system, pregnant women for di last

She advise make dem practice di following physical distancing measures:

•Avoid contact with anyone wey dey show symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

•Avoid public transport when e dey possible.

•Work from home, where possible.

•Avoid large and small gatherings for public areas.

•Avoid physical gatherings wit friends and family.

•Use fone, texting or online services to contact your midwife, obstetrician and other essential services.

Dey always wash your hands with soap and water and clean everywhere you touch.

I go fit safely breastfeed my pikin?

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Mama dey breastfeed her pikin

"As far as we know, e dey safe to continue to dey breastfeed," Cadée tok say all di research wey dey show say COVID- 19 no dey catch children through breast milk. So mama fit continue to dey breastfeed her pikin.

Wetin I fit do if I dey live for face me I face you environment?

Many women for di world dey live close to oda pipo and e know make social distancing dey useful for dem. She say she go want make pipo no dey too near women wey get belle and she advise make dem arrange different toilets for dem.

She say make di pipo wey dey di area no forget to always dey wash dia hands.

Source: Unicef