Coronavirus: Cooking burns, dog bites - see di funny injuries Manchester United players don get during Covid-19 lockdown

  • Fiona Equere
  • BBC News Pidgin
Man Utd players

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Cooking burns, dog bites na some of di injury dem wey some Manchester United players don get during di coronavirus lockdown.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer team dey train for dia house as football dey suspended sake of coronavirus pandemic.

United doctor Steve McNally say even though say di break don give di players time to recover, dem dey see increase for some kain funny-funny injuries.

"Fortunately, most of di boys dey well and we no get any real issues at all," na wetin di McNally tok for di club official app.

"Fortunately for us we no get injuries, although we get few unusual complains because dem dey try to cook, or tins like dia dog bite dem, dat kain thing.

"Di nutritionist put di boys for one Instagram page wia dem go take cooking lessons, so a lot of dem don start to dey develop new skill- and one or two of dem don get injury."

Even though dem dey away from dia training base for Carrington, Solskjaer's staff still dey monitor di players fitness, weight and nutrition