Big Brother Naija Tacha say pipo wan use fake naked foto blackmail her

Simply Tacha

Wia dis foto come from, @Symply_Tacha/Twitter

Big Brother Naija star Natacha Akide lawyers don release statement tok say some pipo dey try blackmail di star onto some fake pishures.

Lawyers to di 24 year old Nigerian star say dem wan make di public know say di foto dems wey di pipo get for hand na fake and dem jus wan use am collect money from Tacha.

Di statement add say Tacha no get any pishure wey no good and she no allow any pesin take her pishure for time wey no dey right.

Lastly di lawyers advise say make pipo no dey use dis kain mago mago colet money from pipo especially for dis time wey di world dey fight coronavirus.

Tacha na one of di controversial contestants wey bin dey di2019 Big Brother Naija reality TV sow but dem disqualify am.

She be Social media sensation. Symply Tacha wey dey call herself di 'Port Harcourt first daughter' dey always trend for social media in Nigeria since afta dem reveal her as one of di contestants of di Big Brother show.

She later announce say di proposal na fake wey she and di guy bin plan together as social media strategy.