Queen Elizabeth: Make we teach di tins you no fit do wen you meet Her Majesty

  • Fiona Equere
  • BBC News Pidgin
Queen Elizabeth II welcoming Theresa May (seen bowing, performing curtsy - a formal greeting made by bending the knees with one foot in front of the other) at the start of an audience in Buckingham Palace, London

Wia dis foto come from, PA

Wetin we call dis foto,

Former Prime minister Theresa May perform one of di respect as she greet di Queen

Di Queen of England, Her Majesty Elizabeth II clock 94 years old on Tuesday 21 April 2020.

Her Majesty mark her birthday for Windsor Castle without any celebration afta she cancel di gun salute celebration sake of di coronavirus pandemic.

Di Queen wish oda pipo wey dey celebrate dia birthday for house ''with or without dia loved ones many happy returns.''

As di longest serving monarch for UK see di tins wey you no fit do wen you meet Her Majesty.

See tins you no fit do wen you meet Queen Elizabeth

  • You know suppose touch Her Majesty. Only shake her hand if she offer to shake you.
  • Guests no fit comot from event before di Queen. Unless her private secretary give you permission.
  • To turn your back to Her Majesty - dem see as bad behaviour.
  • She fit be one be one of di most photographed woman for di world but you know fit take foto of her house wen you go visit because dem no dey allow unofficial foto for royal palace.

Anybody wey make mistake for some of dis rules no need to fear exile.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Etiquette rules for meeting di Queen

Di official website for British Monarchy say "dem no get any standard code of behaviour wen pesin dey meet di Queen or any member of di Royal Family".

E add say: Many pipo wan follow tradition." E depend on your choice.