Coronavirus tips: See di standard of cloth face mask wey go fit protect you from Covid-19

  • Olaronke Alo
  • Broadcast Journalist, BBC Pidgin, Lagos
A woman wears a white face mask and covers her hair with an orange fabric.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

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One seller wear one plain white mask as she sell goods inside Ivory Coast's biggest city, Abidjan...

As use of face mask don dey compulsory for some parts of di world, including Nigeria, di Standard Organization of Nigeria don release guidelines on di ogbonge things wey face mask suppose get

To stop di spread of Coronavirus inside di west African kontri, states like Lagos di bizness capital, Osun for south west and Cross River wey dey di south-south region of di kontri don make am compulsory for residents to wear face mask for public space.

Dis one don make many tailors and even individuals begin dey produce dia own face mask for public use, as goment don advise make pipo no dey wear di surgical face mask-wey dem reserve for frontline health workers.

Most of dis mask, dem make am from fabrics like Ankara, cotton materials, satin, linen, denim materials and oda things.

Before you make or buy am see wetin SON say di face mask must get:

Wia dis foto come from, Cross Rivers State Garment Factory

Wetin we call dis foto,

Cross Rivers State Garment Factory

How di mask go be?

Di mask must cover di nose, mouth and chin.

E must be single layer or multiple layer wey dem use fabric (non woven, woven, knit) wit inner filter do.

E must get barrier wey go fit hold di mask around di head.

Di fabric wey go be di inner wey go dey close to di skin must dey colourless.

Dem must sew di multiple layer to hold di inner fabric in place.

Dem must fit adjust am to fit very well over di nose, cheek and chin.

Wia dis foto come from, Cross Rivers State Garment Factory

How di packaging suppose be?

Dem must package am in a way wey e no go get any mechanical damage or wey e no go dey contaminated before pesin buy am or use am.

Di packaging solution go be based on wetin di company or individual wey dey produce am want.

Which material dem suppose use?

Di correct material for face mask na di one wey no go quick spoil or tear as dem dey handle or wear am all through di lifetime wey di manufacturer don guarantee.

Cleaning and Drying?

Dem must design di mask in a way wey dem go fit use am again and again.

Di material go fit withstand any cleaning and drying products.

If any mask spoil after you wash am, e no dey good to use again.

Wetin di surface of di mask suppose be like?

Di part of di mask wey go dey in contact with di skin must dey colorless.

Di edges no suppose dey sharp or rough against di skin.

E no suppose dey too tight or cause discomfort wen you wear am.

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Coronavirus Tips: Face mask fit protect you from Covid-19

Di standard organization of Nigeria still tok say before anybody follow buy or sell face mask, make dem dey sure say e get correct label and all di in formate on how to wear am or use am dey for di label.

However, di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control don warn say to use cloth face mask:

You must wash your hands before you wear and and after you comot am from your face. Make you also avoid to dey touch am as you dey use am.

You must wash dem well-well with soap and detergent everytime you use am.

And you must allow di mask to dry well-well under sun before you use am again.