Coronavirus vaccine: Read wetin we sabi so far about di new NCDC Bill wey dey shake Nigeria

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For some days now Nigerians don dey react to one new bill alias paper wey dem want to use make new law wey di kontri house of representatives dey torchlight.

Di executive bill, wey di name na Control of Infectious Disease Act, currently dey di table of Nigeria House of Representatives, and BBC Pidgin find out say na di Speaker of di House, Femi Gbajabiamila present am on Tuesday 28, April 2020.

E no tey one kind tori of how di bill no dey good for Nigerians, how di Assembly copy am from Singapore, begin spread for social media.

Some pipo even say di bill go give di Director General of di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control too much power for one individual wey Nigerians no elect.

But BBC Pidgin don torchlight di mata, come find out di following facts.

Di Assembly don pass di Bill into law?

"Tori of how di House of Reps. use rush to pass di bill "no dey true" Tok tok pesin for di House, Benjamin Kalu tell BBC.

Di bill "go need go through di different processes like any oda bill before dem approve am."

Oga Kalu say "Weda di bill don pass second reading or not, we never pass any bill as a lot of tins go need happun before we pass any bill".

"Di bill go need go through public hearing wia experts for di field go come and make dia contribution. Afta dat, di bill go go through anoda committee wey dem go look evri clause for di bill wia members go agree on wetin dem want to dey inside and e go still go di senate wey fit do di whole process again or amend one or two tins."

On why di assembly dey reason to pass any bill now, Oga Benjamin add say di kontri need am now, as wetin bin dey before na colonial quarantine act and e don dey outdated.

"Nigerians no need panic, dis bill go meet di demands of different reality dem wey we dey now. Di infectious diseas wey di quarantine act recognise na typhoid, cholera, small pox and yellow fever and not coronavirus and di bill no give too much power to di NCDC Director General"

Meanwhile di Director General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu for im response about di bill tok say "im recognise di good intentions of di House of Reps. E (di bill) go benefit, from more stakeholder consultation. But middle of crisis no be best time to introduce new Bill.

Wia dis foto come from, Femi Gbajabiamila

Wetin we call dis foto,

Femi Gbajabiamila, di Speaker of di House na im sponsor di executive bill on Tuesday 28 April, 2020.

'Vaccines no go be by force'

Many tori don dey on how di bill go make evribodi take vaccine for coronavirus but di House of Reps spokesperson deny am say di bill no go force anybodI to take vaccine

"Di constitution for vaccination na for those wey wish to travel out or enta di kontri just like di yellow fever card. Nobodi go force anybodi, di bill only go make am offense for pesin wey know say im get di disease or don dey exposed to am den come carry am enter di kontri.

Di Assembly copy di Bill from Singapore?

On weda di Assembly copy di Bill from Singapore, oga Benjamin say dem no copy am.

"No such tin as copy-copy alias plagiarism dey for legislative drafting, as e no dey strange for di laws of nations or sub-national bodies to be based on laws wey dey already exist in some oda area alias jurisdiction wen di objectives dey di same.

Wia dis foto come from, Benjamin Kalu

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di Spokespesin of di House of Reps Benjamin Kalu tell BBC say di current quarantine act done old and e no cover coronavirus

How Nigerians react to di Bill

Hash tags for Twitter like #stopncdcbill na wetin different civil rights groups and individuals for Nigeria don begin use to tok wetin dem tink about di bill for social media.

Ogbonge group Socio-Economic Right and Accountability Project (SERAP) say dem go "challange di bill for court if dem ever pass am into law.

Some question di timing, how e no dey good for democracy and also how di bill no go follow rule of law.

Meanwhile Nigeria get 2170 cases of Covid-19 and 68 pipo don die and di kontri go ease lockdown and movement restrictions from 4 May, 2020


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