Pastor Chris Loveworld TV chop sanction from UK goment sake of coronavirus 5G sermon

Pastor Chris

Wia dis foto come from, Loveworld

UK broadcasting regulation joinbodi - Ofcom don sama Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Loveworld TV sanction sake of im preaching wey go against dia rules.

Ofcom say Pastor Chris sermons ontop how 5G take dey cause coronavirus - wey UK citizens get access to watch via cable TV - fit harm dia citizens and therefore e break dia broadcasting rules.

Also, Ofcom para give Pastor Chris say im Loveworld Television Network programmes bin suggest to dia citizens say Hydroxychloroquine na 100% cure for Covid-19.

According to di report wey Ofcom release on Monday 18 May, Loveworld don agree say dem no go put dat kain tok for dia programmes again.

For one sermon, Pastor Chris say World Health Organisation (WHO) dey part of one group of pipo wey wan create wetin im call "new world order" through coronavirus.

"Dis broadcasts dem, dey risk di trust wey our viewers get for official advice and e fit cause serious consequence ontop public health," tok Ofcom for Twitter.

Di UK authority say as punishment, Loveworld must put am for dia programmes say dem get sanctions because of di tins wey no true wey dem broadcast.

Loveworld don agree to di sanction and also assure Ofcom say dem go comot di programmes from TV and dia website.

Last month, Nigerian lawmakers announce say make dia goment stop any plan to grant 5G licence because dem wan torchlight whether di new mobile network technology fit cause harm.

Meanwhile, scientist and UK goment don condemn tok of say 5G fit cause coronavirus.