Coronavirus cases: Cameroon confirm 204 new infections for Covid-19

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon
Pavel Daryl Kem Senou

Wia dis foto come from, Pavel Daryl Kem Senou

Wetin we call dis foto,

Mr Senou says he did not want to take the disease to Africa

Cameroon Health minister, Malachie Manaouda donce confirm 204 new cases for Covid-19, as 28 pipo recover and six(6) die as of May 20.

Since 6 March, weh Cameroon register first case, kontri don confirm 3,733 cases, 131 na medical staff, 1992 active cases still dey, 1595 don well and 146 don die.

From UN coordination for humanitarian affairs, OCHA, over 50 percent of de cases dey na for Centre region. OCHA say most of de pipo weh deh catch dis sick na young pipo from 36 years.

As Dr. Felix Asah weh na epidemiologist tok, since April de number for pipo weh deh catch dis sick di daso high.

E explain say, if de number continue for rise laik dis, fear na say hospital dem go flop and e go weigh down on de health system.

Just now Far North, get only 15 bed, 11 for regional hospital, four for kousseri for receive Covid-19 patients and deh don flop. E nova pass one moon weh authorities bin say deh send 100 bed for dis region.

De epidemiologist say need bi for flatten de curve- reduce de number for pipo weh deh di catch dis sick. E say dis fit happen na through community testing.

Dr. Asah regret say Cameroon di still do na target testing -di still test na de pipo weh deh di show symptoms and dia contacts.

For now, e nova bi clear how deep de virus don spread for inside kontri, Dr Asah tok.