School reopening: Places wia school resumption date don start afta COVID 19

  • Olaronke Alo
  • Broadcast Journalist, BBC Pidgin, Lagos
One re-opened school in Oslo

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For Norway schools don return and dem separate pupils around di classroom

Schools across di world don start to reopen as kontris don begin dey lift lockdown rules afta some of dem reach di highest cases of coronavirus infections, and cases later begin reduce.

E don pass two months since schools close in more than 190 kontris, wey don affect 1.57 billion children and youth - 90% of di world's student population, according to Unesco. Closures happun sharp sharp from place to place as a measure to contain di Covid-19 virus.

Debates don dey as sabi pipo don warn against di dangers of sending children back to school before dem find vaccine wey fit protect pipo from COVID-19.

But some goment authorities believe say e get measures like social distancing wey fit keep children safe if dem reopen schools.

As mid May, na like 100 kontris wey never announce a date for schools to reopen, 65 don declare plans for partial or full reopening, while 32 go end di academic year online. For 890 million students however, di school calendar never dey so undefined as e dey so.

See how some schools around di world dey try to protect children as dem reopen:

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China, where di virus bin start from don send pupils back to school after dia battle wit coronavirus.

Social distancing measures, wearing masks, customised school transport, and marked routes to classrooms na im Chinese students dey abide to as dem return back to school.

Some schools even making students pass through thermal imaging cameras wey go check dia temperature.

Wia dis foto come from, Zhejiang Daily

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Students for Yangzheng Primary School for Hangzhou wear DIY “one-meter hats” on di first day of dinew semester.


Sake of di success wey Taiwan don record for dia fight against di virus dem reopen schools since February as dem also apply all di social distancing rules wey China adopt.

Di kontri record 439 cases and six deaths.


Di kontri ease dia coronavirus lockdown for mid-April as dem reopen schools and day care centres, although concerns bin dey say dis one fit cause a second wave of di virus and dis don make many parents keep their children for house.

Teaching staff dey under instruction to keep social distancing between children some teachers dey teach pupils outside and dem dey even write with chalk for playground instead of blackboard.

Dem make students dey wash dia hands every two hours.


Schools for Australia biggest state, New South Wales, reopen on Monday but dem only allow students to attend one day a week.

Australia's second-most populous state, Victoria, go resume face-to-face teaching from May 27.

Di state including di city of Melbourne go allow teenagers for classrooms first, dem younger pupils from June 9.


Germany dey reopen schools in batches as dem dey ease di lockdown after dem don successfully tackle di virus-if dem wan compare dem to other European kontris.

Like China, Germany don implement social distancing guidelines within schools.

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Schools don open in Denmark and Germany. Dem fit really keep pupils safely apart?


Di relaxed approach of Sweden to di pandemic has bewildered don make some pipo para.

Dem no follow World Health Organisation advise to close down di kontri

Little Swedes still dey school, dem say evidence dey to suggest say younger children no be major source of transmission for coronavirus.


Primary schools reopen on April 27, while nurseries open di week on April 20.

Na only 15 pupils fit dey class. Dem encourage regular hand and desk washing.

Plans don dey ground on how schools for England go begin reopen next month.

However, plenti gbasgbos don dey over whether children dey return too soon and how schools fit dey safe.

What about Nigeria and Ghana?

For Nigeria, all schools go remain closed until further evaluation. Na wetin di Covid-19 Presidential Task Force (PTF) tok on Thursday 21 May, 2020.

For Ghana, Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah clear di mata on Thursday morning wen authorities brief Ghanians on coronavirus say goment no dey plan to re-open schools soon.