Rivers state news: Wetin we know so far about deaths for Bonny kingdom

Bonny Island

Wia dis foto come from, Princess Biodoumoye/Facebook

Tori of mysterious deaths wey dem no fit explain dey reign for di ancient Bonny Kingdom for Rivers State.

More than 10 pesins don die within di last two weeks and over 500 pipo dey health centres for di local goment and all of dem get di same symptoms.

Dr. Charles Jumbo, medical doctor with St Charles Clinic Bonny confam say dem don get plenti reports of patients for health centres wey dey show malaria/typhoid symptoms with loss of smell and taste and about 9 young pipo sef don die but dem no dey sure of wetin kill dem so dem dey investigate to know for sure.

President of Bonny Graduates Forum, Awoiyeala Samuel Allison say medical doctors with officials from di National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) dey Bonny dey profile di trend and take samples from volunteers to check weda or not na case of coronavirus for di community.

Wetin we know about di symptoms

Godswill Jumbo wey be tori pesin for Bonny tell BBC Pidgin say investigation wey Bonny Graduates Forum do show say all di pipo dey show di same symptoms wey include loss of smell, loss of taste, body weakness, stooling, coughing, headache and fever.

Afie Jumbo wey dey live for Bonny tell BBC Pidgin say na serious situation for Bonny because for di last 48 hours, dem get report say 8 pesins don die and im witness wia dem bury four pesins for Bonny cemetery as mortuaries don full so any pesin wey die, dem gatz burry di pesin immediately as place no dey again to keep di pesin.

Israel Waribo Pepple wey dey Bonny tell BBC Pidgin say dem just bury im cousin today Saturday 23 May, 2020 and im complain of dis symptoms and don dey take medicine for malaria and typhoid wey im no dey respond to before im die.

"Me wey dey tok to you now we just go bury my cousin today today for Bonny Cemetery because mortuary don full. Im complain of dis same sickness too with loss of taste and smell. We know know weda na di malaria/typhoid dey kill dem or something else but na serious situation here.

Wia dis foto come from, Princess Biodoumoye/Facebook

Wetin fit cause am

Some pipo dey think weda na di gas leak wey happen last week dey cause dis one because gas leak from NLNG bin happen wey make pipo fear before dis tin begin dey happen but we no know."

Anengi Barasua wey be di Vice Chairman of Bonny local goment area confam di tori to BBC Pidgin say dem don get reports of di deaths and dem bin dey investigate di matter.

Na just last month tori of dead whale and dead fishes bin dey along di beach of some communities for Bonny before dis one dey happen now.

'Na drug resistance to malaria' - BonnyLocal Goment Council

Authorities for Bonny local goment for Rivers State, southern Nigeria say na resistance to malaria drugs na im dey happen for di past two weeks for dia.

For statement wey Secretary to di local goment Warisenibo Omoni LongJohn and Supervisor for Health Pafuro Tolofari sign, Dem say cases of tyhoid fever also increase within di period and about 50% of patients complain of dizziness, bitterness for mouth and lack of taste and smell.

Di statement say na di resistance to normal malaria drugs dey make patients return with di same complaints wey make dem give dem injections and dem dey improve, come add say about six cases of dead patients naim dem carry come hospital for confirmation and na because say dem get compromised health condition before.

Di local Goment say rumours of high death rates for Bonny no get ground and fit be because say mortuaries don full because of di ban on public burials for State, so pipo gatz bury dia pipo almost immediately.

Di Authority add say di contaminated Bonny air fit be di reason for di sudden loss of sense of smell and dem go do more investigation to know did actual letter. If toxicity wey dey di air dem dey breath for Bonny so pipo need to use facemasks.

Dem do di investigation for Bonny General Hospital and five Oda private clinics and one pharmacy come advise pipo wey get di symptoms to immediately report to di nearest health facility and for pipo to practice personal hygiene, especially social distancing.