George Floyd Death: KKK 'leader' chop arrest after im attack Black Lives Matter protesters

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One man wey call imsef leader of di Ku Klux Klan- KKK don chop arrest after im drive im car wan go jam a group of Black Lives Matters protesters wey gather on Sunday for di US state of Virginia.

Prosecutors tok say Harry Rogers, wey be 36 years old, drive "anyhow" towards protest wey dey happun for Henrico County, and "im kick im engine" before im drive into protesters.

Mr Rogers show face for Henrico court for di outskirts of Richmond on Monday, Im dey face charges of assault and battery.

One hate crime investigate don dey happun.

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Dem don charge Harry Rogers with assault and battery afta im allegedly driving im car into one Black Lives Matter protest

One protester wunjure and dem treat am for di scene, authorities say di wunjure no too dey serious.

For anoda incident wey happun on Sunday night, one man drive enta crowd of protesters for Seattle, and point one gun at dem. Di suspect don dey custody and dem don cari di 27-year-old man wey dem shoot for di scene go hospital, local authorities tok.

Anti-racism wey dey happun for di kontri sake of di death of George Floyd don dey enter dia third week. Oga Floyd die last month afta one Minnesota police officer pin am for ground with im leg. Large rallies and protests don happun for plenti US cities, plus Richmond, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Though rioting or looting don happun for some protest, and violent clashes between participants and police, majority of di protest don dey peaceful.

"Attack on peaceful protesters no follow law and we go prosecute am to di fullest extent of di law," Henrico Country Commonwealth's Attorney Shannon Taylor tok for one statement.

Oga Rogers tell officers say im be president of di Virginia KKK, di highest-ranking member of di white supremacist group no dey prison, US tori pipo report.

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Di Virginia governor don order make dem remove di statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee as protests against racial injustice dey happpun

Dem dey expect Oga Rogers back in court for August.

Virginia na wia racial tension dey well-well for di US.

Heated debate don happun around di Confederate symbols for di state, and di statue of Confederate general Robert Lee cause di 2017 white nationalist rally for Charlottesville, about 80 miles from Henrico.

For dat rally, one man drive im car enta di crowd of counter-protesters, e kill one woman. Dem find am guilty of murder.

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"Keep pushing": Washington DC protesters on keeping the momentum going

Mr Rogers also dey di white nationalist rally, according to wetin Guardian report.

Last week, sake of di Black Lives Matters protests over di killing of Mr Floyd, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announce say dem go remove di statue of Lee di state capital and "immediately" put am for storage.