George Floyd burial: Anti-racism protest don fall down more slave trader statues - See di ones Black Lives Matter don affect

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George Floyd burial don end but more statues dey fall as anti-racism protests dey spread

Thousands of pipo across cities for di world don dey sign petitions to call make dem bring down statues wey represent slave trade.

Dis dey happun afta anti-racism protesters for England pull down di 125 years old statue of 17th Century slave trader, Edward Colston to support US Black Lives Matter movement afta di death of George Floyd.

Protests wey dey happun all ova di world on top dis movement don shine more light on cities' colonial or slave-wey dey owe history - and di figures wey dem represent.

Slave trader statue wey Black Lives Matter protest don affect

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Protesters for Bristol pull down one statue of slave trader Edward Colston

Edward Colston

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Na for 1895 na im dem build di statue of di slave trader and philanthropist

Angry pipo wey dey protest provoke push down of Edward Colston statue for Bristol, for one city for southwest of England as protesters continue di Black Lives Matters march.

Pipo believe say Edward Colston ships na im transport about 80,000 men, women and children from Africa to America. But im home city of Bristol, wey benefit from im plenti wealth dey honour im memory.

While di goment condemn dis action wey happun on Sunday, protesters tok say dem hope say dis waka go bring change.

"Statues dey all about saying: 'Dis na great man wey do great things.' Dat no be true, e be slave trader and murderer," historian David Olusoga tell BBC News.

Robert Milligan

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Milligan na ogbonge slaveholder and founder of London global trade centre, West India Docks

A statue of ogbonge slaveholder Robert Milligan has been removed from outside the Museum of London Docklands.

Dem don remove di statue of ogbonge slaveholder, Robert Milligan from outside di Museum of London Docklands.

Di Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan bin don announce one review of all of di statue for London and street names, and say make dem 'take down' any one wey get link to slavery.

Dem comot Milligan monument to "recognise di wishes of di community" di Canal and River Trust tok.

Plenti pipo begin happy and clap as dem dey remove di monument with crane.

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Di Museum of London Docklands tok say di statue of dis ogbonge British slave trader, wey be di owner of two sugar plantations and 526 slaves inside Jamaica, don "tanda uncomfortably" outside dia compound "for very long time".

Henry Dundas

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Henry Dundas' actions ensured slavery continued for longer

One monument for di Scottish capital Edinburgh wey remember one politician wey delay di abolition of slavery don get spray-paint with di words "George Floyd" and "BLM" (for Black Lives Matters).

Dem erect di 150ft (46m) tall Melville Monument wey dey for Edinburgh St Andrew Square for 1823 in memory of Henry Dundas.

Dundas na one of di kontri most influential politicians for di 18th and 19th centuries and get nickname as "di uncrowned king".

E put forward one amendment to one bill wey for abolish slavery for 1792, e want more "gradual" approach.

Dis one come allow di practice of slavery to continue for 15 years longer than e suppose to.

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Graffiti appear for di base of di Melville Monument

Thousands of pipo don sign petitions to call make dem bring di monument down.

King Leopold II

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Protesters put fire for one of di statue of King Leopold II inside Antwerp and paint am red

Pipo for Belgium dey hala make dem bring down di statues of di kontri longest-reigning king, Leopold II.

Online petitions wey dey demand for di removal don get tens of thousands of signatures, while some anti-racism protesters don take more direct action.

Dem don even use red paint cover di bust of di colonial-era king for di city of Ghent, with cloth on top di head wey dem mark with words "I can't breathe"- Dat na di last word wey George Floyd tok before im die as one white police officer kneel on top im neck.

For Antwerp, protesters don put fire for anoda statue of di king and officials later remove am, di officials say dem transfer am go museum.

For di capital Brussels, protesters mark one of im statue with di word "assassin".

King Leopold II ruled Belgium from 1865 to 1909, but dem dey remember am for e terrible legacy inside Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Between 1885 and 1908, di koing of one of Europe smallest countries make DRC, wey dem know then as Congo Free State, im own private colony.

E turn am into one big Labour camp, and dem make plenti money from di rubber trade. Leopold troops dey shot those wey no gree for slave labour and dem go come collect di hands of dia victims.

Robert E Lee

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Protesters cove one monument to Robert E Lee inside Virginia with writing

Di US state of Virginia dey remove one statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee, wey pipo don go spoil during George Floyd protests.

Governor Ralph Northam explain di decision to remove di 12-ton monument wey dem erect for 1890, say; "We no longer preach false version of history.

"Dat statue don dey dia long time. But e dey wrong then, and e dey wrong now. So we dey bring am down."

E dey among five Confederate statues on Monument Avenue, for di state capital Richmond, wey dem don mark with graffiti during di protests, including messages to "stop white supremacy".

Robert E Lee na commander of di pro-slavery Confederate States Army, one coalition of southern states, for di US Civil War of 1861 to 1865.

Lee also marry into one of di wealthiest slave-holding families inside Virginia and take leave from di army to run di family estate afta im father-in-law die. Slaves wey expect say dem go dey free, no gree for im authority.

Documents show say e encourage serious beatings for those wey try to escape. Dem also tok say e break up slave families.

Many pipo for US dey view Lee as symbol of di kontri history of slavery and racial oppression.

Protesters don also spoil oda Confederacy statues.

Some of those wey believe say di statues of Confederate figures need to remain standing dey argue say dem be markers of US history and southern culture.

Winston Churchill

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Dem spray one statue of Winston Churchill for London with di words "was a racist"

Protesters don spoil di statue of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill for London and declare am "racist".

Pipo bin dey praise Churchill for leading Britain to victory during World War Two.

Dem describe am for di UK goment website as "inspirational statesman, writer, orator and leader" and dem vote as di greatest ever Briton for 2002 BBC poll.

But for oda some pipo e remain ogbonge controversial figure, because of im views on race.

"Nobody dey doubt weda Churchill na racist," historian Richard Toye, co-author of the upcoming book The Churchill Myths tok.

"E dey regard white people as superior" Richard Toye add.

"E tok some bad tins about Indians wey im say dem be beastly pipo with beastly religion, and etok bad tins about Chinese pipo. I fit continue to go on.

Churchill don also face criticism on top im remarks about Jews and Islam, and im actions, or lack of action, for di 1943 Bengal famine, wey kill more than two million pipo.