Sony PS5 release date and price: Wetin you need to know about di new Sony PlayStation video game console

  • Fiona Equere & Moseph Ekine
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PlayStation 5 console

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Technology giant Sony don give pipo wey love game wetin dia latest console design go look like as well as some of di tins wey di game go fit do.

Di PlayStation 5 get black core wey surround di curve white edge, and blue glow.

Two sequels wey dey di bestselling PS4 release dey among di standout games announcements - Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Sony machine go lunch alongside dia rival Microsoft Xbox Series X before di end of dis year.

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Miles Morales don take over di lead role from Peter Parker for di latest spin-off for Marvel crime-fighter

"Although dem no answer plenty questions about di PS5, like how much e go cost and wen dem go release am, I feel say Sony do exactly wetin dem need to do for di reveal event," na wetin Laura Kate Dale, wey be freelance games critic.

"Dem show off one hour of games, dem mix sequels to popular titles, and new franchises from dia biggest first-party studios, for one solid hour.

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WATCH: PlayStation 5 console and games revealed

"Na mixed reactions for Twitter on whether dem like or hate di look of di box, but all in all Sony use one hour to totori pipo."

So many pipo tok say di console resemble "wi-fi router", di tin trend for Twitter shortly afta di event.

Na more dan two dozen new games dem show off in total during di launch on Thursday night.

Di oda highlights include di first look of Sony racing game Grand Turismo 7 and brief look at di Capcom zombie horror game Resident Evil 8.

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For di reveal of Resident Evil 8 dem dim di lighting -and reflections

E bin no to dey clear during events which titles dey exclusive to PS5 and di ones wey no dey exclusive to dem.

Games wey go dey inside

Di new Spider-Man game dey act as follow-up to di 2018 action-adventure game based on di Marvel superhero.

But dis time around di lead character na Afro-Latino teenager Miles Morales rather dan Peter Parker. Di trailer show am dey fight and web-slinging through New York, dey showing off snow and electricity particle effects wey no for dey possible in such detail for PS4.

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Di Spider-Man: Miles Morales teaser show off different types of lighting and particle effects

Di oda reveals reintroduce familiar characters.

Aloy don return back for di follow-up to Horizon: Zero Dawn.

For Forbidden West, di heroine dem show am dey swim underwater as wetin look like robot crocodile pass overhead, and battling against robot dinosaurs.

Assassin Agent 47 return for Hitman III, IO Interactive stealth series. E no go on sale until January 2021, however, e will miss out on di launch alongside di PS5.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart return to Insomniac Games' cartoon-like third-person action franchise.

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Ratchet and Clank return for di first time since 2016 PS4 reboot

Oddworld: Soulstorm na big surprise, as dem bring back di former slave turned hero Abe, for series wey go way back to di original PlayStation.

And Sackboy also return to di platform for A Big Adventure, na follow-up to di earlier Little Big Planet Games.

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Pragmata show one post-apocalyptic world wey dey filled with advanced technology

See di newcomers for some of dia intellectual property games:

  • Project Athia, wey features one female lead character for an alien planet wey gatz survive inside world wey get plenty strange creatures
  • Deathloop, wey dey centred around two competing assassins wey dey battle within one "time loop", wey Arkane Lyon develop, di pipo wey make di Dishonored series
  • Pragmata, na sci-fi adventure di trailer show one robot girl and a man for flying suit dey tackle one space ship wey get reversed gravity, wey come ends transporting dem from planet Earth to di Moon. Dem no go release am until 2022
  • Returnal, na moody space horror game wia one female astronaut crash lands for world wey contain shadowy angel-like creatures and one floating orb