Godwin Obaseki tori for Edo State news no dey new to Nigerian Govnors primary election - See list of those wey don fall out wit dia 'Godfathers'

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Oshiomole, Obaseki, Tinubu and Akpabio

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Oshiomole, Obaseki, Tinubu and Akpabio don become Nigerian Govnors at some point

In times like dis, words like 'life na dynamic', 'dis no dey personal' and 'na for di good of di party' come to mind if you dey follow politics matter inside Nigeria.

Time and time again, sitting govnors don fail to gain support of dia parties to contest primary election in order to contest re-election as e just happen for Edo State, south south Nigeria.

But dis trend don make pipo wonder wetin go make political parties decide to no longer throw dia weight behind candidate wey don represent di party before for election or one wey di pipo wey dey vote fit see as sure bet for certain positions.

Some don describe such decisions as influence wey 'come from above' or wetin pipo dey call Godfather for Nigeria politics.

Dis Godfathers dey like decision markers wey fit pick and choose who dem want be di next representative of a party ahead of forthcoming elections and most times dem dey get dia wish.

Currently, na dis same pattern dey play out for Edo State according to di tok tok pesin of Edo State govnor, Godwin Obaseki wey say "Comrade Adams Oshiomhole don declare say im be di Supreme Court and pesin wey go determine di fate and future" of di next candidate wey go contest govnorship primary for di state ruling APC party.

Oga Crusoe Osagie tok dey come afta di All Progressive Party for di state disqualify govnor Obaseki from to participate in di party primary, but dis no go be di first time wey such drama go happun for Nigeria.

See list of those wey don fall out wit dia 'Godfathers'

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Akinwunmi Ambode

For 2018, tori comot say govnor of Lagos State at di time, Akinwunmi Ambode bin dey kwanta wit leader of di All Progressive Congress, Bola Tinubu.

Even though say Ambode deny di tori say e no dey fight di APC leader, e surprise many wen di party chieftain throw e weight behind di den chairman of di Lagos State Property Development Commission (LSDPC), Babjide Sanwo-olu istead of di serving govnor Ambode.

Ambode later lose im bid for second term afta 970,851 pipo vote for Sanwo-Olu during di party primaries on October 2, 2018. Im score only 72,901 votes.

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Godswill Obot Akpabio, bin spend eight years as Govnor for oil rich Akwa Ibom state

Udom Emmanuel and e gbas gbos wit Godswill Akpabio

Di once rosy father and son relationship of 2015 sawa few years after Senator Godswill Akpabio comot from di ruling People's Democratic Party go join di APC.

Seen as many as di political godfather of Akwa Ibom State, Sen. Akpabio anoint di former Director General of di Niger Delta Development Commission, Nsima Ekere to be di next govnor of Akwa Ibom state.

Akpabio even declare few months before di state elections say politics for di state "go be like di invasion of Hitler", comments wey no go down well wit Udom Emmanuel.

Despite di challenge of Nsima Ekere, Govnor Udom no only win re-election di drama come turn out in di way wey be say even Sen. Akpabio lose e re-election for second term as senator wey go represent di North West Senatorial District of Akwa Ibom state.

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Govnor Nyesom Wike bin serve as Chief of Staff to Chibuike Amaechi wen im be Rivers State Govnor, between October 2007 and May 2011

Amaechi vs Nyesom Wike

For years di PDP reign Supreme for Nigeria oil rich Rivers State until one man decide to test di foundations of di party for 2015 wen e decamp go di APC.

Rotimi Amaechi govern Rivers State for eight years under di umbrella of di PDP, and during dat period e rise to di level of pesin wey sabi di political game even though technically na only one election im contest and win to be govnor of di Nigerian southern state.

Im defection to di APC bin look like for di first time since democracy rule for Nigeria anoda party oda dan di PDP go rule Rivers State.

Already, him and e former Chief of Staff, Nyesom Wike relationship bin no sweet as e bin be before wen e be govnor, Wike imsef bin get di support of di den president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan.

Amaechi side wit Dakuku Peterside under di umbrella of di APC to rival Wike, but in di end Wike win di 2015 govnorship election.