Njoka Kingsley: Cameroon journalist go spend six moon waiting trial

Njoka Kingsley

Wia dis foto come from, Njoka Kingsley

Freelance Journalist, Njoka Kingsley Fomunyuy weh lawyers discover e for State Secretariat for Defence, SED, go spend six moon waiting trial for Kondengui prison.

Na for May 15 weh Njoka weh security arrest Njoka for Douala Littoral region, family, journalists and lawyers no hear any tori about e again.

Lawyers discover e for SED, (weh HRW describe as torture Centre) for June 8.

Jean Datchoua, military court judge, sign paper weh e send Njoka Kingsley for Kondengui for June 12.

Why Njoka go spend six moon waiting trial for Kondengui na because military court say e crime bi 'unquestionable', so deh decide for send e for waiting trial.

According to de military court Judge, Njoka e crime na: secession, support for armed groups.

Military court draw de journalist e punishment for dis crimes from articles 74, 97, 111 and 115 inside penal code.

For dis reason e go fit only appear for court afta December 12, six moon afta.

But, Nicodemeus Amungwa, one of de lawyers don tell BBC News Pidgin say deh di fight for make sure say de journalists appear for court before December 12.

Njoka Kingsley di go prison for taim weh, Samuel Wazizi die for detention and till now de family nova get de die bodi.

Since weh Anglophone crisis start for 2016, authorities don arrest about seven journalists weh deh dey ngata.

Since 2019, Cameroon don enta bad books for Committee to protect Journalists, CPJ as one of de kontris weh deh di maltreat journalists, take number 139 out of 180 kontris.