Cameroon killing: Anglophone women di tell 'separatist fighters' say deh fit sleep wit who deh want - Agbor Magdalene

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"If woman decide for sleep wit whoever, no man no get right for kill her for dat brutal manner, we get right for wa bodi, no bi say deh go kill woman because e sleep wit dis or dat man and wa bodi no bi warzone", Dr, Mrs Agbor Magdalene tok.

Agbor Magdalene tok as women dem di turn target for Anglophone regions, separatist fighters di kill dem for seka dia love lives.

Separatist fighters don heartlessly kill three women dem, two one week, for some kana horrible manner, wit cutlass for Bamenda Northwest and Muyuka for Southwest regions.

For August 11, "deh take Comfort from inside e house deh kill e for community weh man and woman deh bi di pass and nobody care", Agbor recall.

Agbor Magdalene, CEO of changing mentalities and empowering groups, di gada women for Bongo square for Buea Southwest Cameroon, today, August 18, for condemn de killings.

De reason e say, "Woman dem bi harmless, wit no defence, but don turn more and more for bi target for dis conflict. Woman dem no start de crisis, but na dem bi victims, for we, e go bi shameful, afta group of separatists butcher, humiliate womanhood, and humanity, for keep quiet".

De community mobiliser say same pipo weh deh di kill dem, di give belle for dia pikin dem every day and no man nova kill dem.

Woman get pawa for eliminate de fighters wit no gun or cutlass, e add.

"We born, we di feed de 'boys' weh deh di kill we, and we fit stop, no need for feed some man make e strong for kill you. E bi annoying, horrible".

De message for de fighters na say make deh stop for kill, especially women, if killing women go give dem independence, den make deh kill all dem.

Woman dem di tell dia pikin dem ('boys') say e no bi fair for treat and humiliate dem for dis manner.

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Woman dia message no bi only for the fighter, "We wan tell goment say deh no di do enough as deh fit solve dis problem, we di insist say make goment solve dis problem".

Deh also komot for street for tell oda women say deh no get anybody for dia communities for protect dem.

"We want make de world know say we go wear trouser, protect wa self and we don tire for dis senseless war and brutality on women".

Anglophone crisis start for 2016 turn to fight and just now more dan 3000 pipo don die among dem woman and pikin dem, about 600,000 pipo run go oda areas about 60,000 refugees for Nigeria.