Oral Sex: Experts say bacterial vaginosis for vagina fit come from di act

Picture wey pussypedia dey use to teach women bodi

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Wetin we call dis foto,

BV na condition wey dey change di kain discharge wey dey comot vagina

Oral sex fit create environment for one common condition for di vagina wey dem dey call bacterial vaginosis or BV, according to research wey dem put for di PLoS Biology journal.

BV no be sexually transmitted infection, na just imbalance of di usual bacteria wey dem dey find for vagina.

Women wey get am fit no see any symptoms but some go get bad smell with discharge wey go comot dat area.

Researchers dey chook eye for wetin di bacteria wey dey for mouth dey do di bacteria wey dey for vagina during oral sex.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

BV bacteria as e de cover cells

BV no dey dat serious normally, but e good make pesin treat am if e get because e dey increase women chance to get STD and UTIs.

If di woman come get belle, e dey increase di chance she go born prematurely.

E dey common, and women wey get am dey notice say di discharge wey dey comot from dia vagina dey smell like fish.

You fit also see say, your discharge colour and thickness go change to greyish white and watery and fit dey treated with antibiotics.

Wetin di new research don find?

Women wey neva get BV dey get "good" bacteria wey dem dey call lactobacilli wey dey keep di vagina acidic but dis balance fit shift.

Wetin dey cause am neva clear, but you fit catch BV if:

  • You dey sexually active but women wey neva do sex fit still get BV)
  • You change di pesin you dey sleep with
  • You get IUD (contraceptive)
  • You dey put tins wey get perfume for or around di vagina

Di study for PLoS Biology show say bacteria wey dey mouth wey fit cause gum disease and dental plaque fit also cause BV.

Dem do experiment on human and mice vagina to see how di bacteria dey behave.

Di researchers, Dr Amanda Lewis from di University of California and oda colleagues tok say dis study don find di way oral sex fit contribute to cases of BV.

Prof Claudia Estcourt, tok-tok pesin for di British Association for Sexual Health and HIV say oral sex fit pass on sexually transmitted infections sef join.