Coronavirus update in Nigeria: Plateau don become di epicentre for Covid 19? Dis na wetin we sabi


Wia dis foto come from, NCDC

Plateau State north central Nigeria fdey record high number of confam cases of coronavirus nowadays.

Di Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control (NCDC) for data wey dem post for dia website show say since August, Plateau State don over take Lagos, Abuja as more pipo dey test positive for di infection.

NCDC latest update for Wednesday 2 September, Plateau get di highest number of cases as di state record 59 new cases of Covid- 19.

Di total number of confamed coronavirus cases for Plateau state according to di latest data wey NCDC record na 2,708. 1,145 dey on admission, 1,559 don recover and 30 patients don die wit di virus.

Nigeria currently get over twelve thousand active cases of Covid-19.

Since August na im di state don tey top di coronavirus table for di kontri. For 25 August, di state record 50 cases, 26 August 60 cases, 27 August cases and na so e continue to dey increase everyday till di latest update wey di kontri centre for disease and control publish on 3 September.

Di state na number four for di kontri wit level of di infection.

Plateau State Commissioner for Health, Dr Nimkong Lar tell BBC pigin say goment dey worry wit di way coronavirus cases dey increase and di state don become di epicentre of di virus.


Wetin dey cause dis increase and pipo suppose worry

State Commissioner for Information and Communication Dan Manjang tell BBC Pidgin say goment dey worried wit di high number of Covid- 19 infections wey di state dey record recently, also di state commissioner for health Dr Nimkong Lar say di surge dey na cause of concern. Dem explain wetin fit cause dis high numbers.

  • Community transmission, di virus dey spread fast inside some local communities.
  • Level of awareness high and may pipo dey comot for Covid- 19 testing.
  • Inadequate medical personnel and testing materials.
  • Increase in community testing centres: Plateau state now get 3 testing Centres for NVRI Vom, Plateau State Specialist Hospital and Jos University Teaching Hospital.
  • Slow pace of processing samples. Dis one mean say results of Covid- 19 test no dey quick comot. Dem dey get backlogs, so by di time dem release am, results go don full ground.
  • Residents no dey obey laid down Covid- 19 safety protocols wey include compulsory wearing of face mask, social distancing and regular hand washing.
  • Testing centres dey for only Plateau South, dem no get for North and for Central.
  • Di state also get di highest testing rate for di kontri, in fact di state na one of di few state wey don test all dia civil servants and continue to dey test dia residents.

Goment plan to reduce di spread of di virus

Di Commissioner for Information say goment don spend plenty millions of naira since di coronavirus outbreak enta di state. Di goment dey test pipo for free and di test cost N10, 000, na dem dey also provide personal protective equipment and take care of pipo wey dey isolation centres, provide everytin wey dem need.

He say although federal goment and NCDC dey try but dem need financial assistance from di federal goment to contain do coronavirus surge.

Goment encourage citizens to remain calm and start to dey obey all di Covid- 19 safety protocols and guidelines.

Dem say make citizens "observe di COVID-19 protocols of hand washing wit soap under running water, use of certified sanitizers, wearing of face masks and maintain social distancing."

Oga Lar say goment don decide to make am compulsory for residents to obey Covid- 19 protocols as dem don authorize police to arrest anybody wey disobey di law.