Women for Jigawa contribute money buy car to carry pregnant women go hospital for one village wey no get

Di three women wey organise di contribution wey lead to buying car for Bordo pregnant women
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di three women wey organise di contribution wey lead to buying car for Bordo pregnant women

Some women for Bordo village wey dey for Jigawa state northern Nigeria don contribute money buy car wey go dey carry pregnant women go hospital wen dem wan deliver.

Di women say dem contribute di money buy di car to solve di serious transport problem wey pregnant women dey face for dia village.

From Bordo village to di nearest hospital wey dey for Jahun town na 29 kilometres and di road wey lead dey very bad plus di village dey secluded.

Malama Halima Adamu na di woman wey lead efforts to make sure say dem buy di car and she tell BBC say dem start di contribution from every woman for di village wey chip in N1000.

"We start dis contribution with N1000 monthly wey women of di village dey pay and na so we continue until we reach N1 million wey we use buy di car. Now no matter how late in di night woman start labour, our car dey on ground to carry her go hospital make she deliver safely unlike before."

"Anytime wey woman start labour, her husband go pay N2000, we go use N1500 for fuel and di remaining N500 go enter into our savings in case of future repairs for di car."

'Dem dey born for road'

Chief of Bordo village Alhassan Haruna tell BBC say despite di car wey dey helep dia women, some pregnant women still dey deliver before dem reach hospital because dia roads dey very bad.

"Our roads no good at all and I dey beg goment to helep us. Because of bad roads some pregnant women dey give birth inside motor before dem reach hospital, even my wife give birth for road one time like that."

E add say if goment go fix di road e go make life additionally easier for di pipo.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem buy di car after women contribute reach N1 million

Wetin goment dey do about di situation?

Dr Kabir Ibrahim na secretary of primary healthcare board for Jigawa state and e tell BBC say dem bin get over 120 cars for different villages wey suppose dey helep carry pregnant women go hospital but unfortunately over 100 don spoil.

"So wetin we wan do now no be to buy new ones but to convert di cars wey dey di villages for dat use. Wetin I mean be say goment go pay N4000 for any driver wey carry pregnant woman come hospital to deliver, dis na di approach wey wan use now."

Dr Kabir say dem don start to test run dis approach for three local goments of Jigawa state at di moment.