Buhari on "Nigeria food crisis": Spaghetti pasta, vegetable, Egusi soup to grocery & restaurants - "Food" prices go continue to increase inside Nigeria in coming months?

Jollof rice and Plantain

Food prices nowadays just dey too high inside Nigeria, for instance 50 Kg bag of rice dey sell for much as N34,000 ($89) as of July 2020 up from about N26,500 ($70) for January, according to di Nigeria Bureau of Statistics.

Presido Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday meet govnors and oda stakeholders of di economy sake of food security palava inside Nigeria.

Tori be say sake of covid-19 palava, flood and attacks on farmers e be like say Nigeria food fit no dey yanfuyanfu again, and if goment fail to take di right action di mata go worst pass as e dey.

During di National Food Security Council meeting wey happun for State House Abuja, Buhari say food security na one of di topmost agenda im administration wan achieve but flood no help mata as e scata all di progress dem don make so far.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Millions of Nigerians dey spend more on food items since March, 2020

At di moment, prices of food items from spaghetti pasta, vegetable to grocery & chop chop for restaurants dey increase dey go inside di west African nation wey get plenti farm land.

Now wey di Nigerian leader don do meeting ontop di mata, wetin go change in di coming months?

President Buhari afta di National Food Security Council meeting cut strong warning for di kontri central bank (CBN) say make dem no give foreign currency alias forex wey include Dollars, Pounds or Euros to anybodi to import food into Nigeria, sake of how di rising cost of food don be. Buhari insist say local food production na di way forward.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

President Muhammadu Buhari believe say to allow abled bodu men to go back to farm and agriculture na im be answer to Nigeria food crisis

Prices of food go continue to rise for coming months?

Food and Agriculture agency don predict say about 22 million Nigerians go dey hungry for 2020.

Two sabi pipo wey be experts on economy mata, Oga Alexa Wilcox and Dr Sam Amadi, Director of Public Policy and Research follow BBC pidgin tok about dis "Nigeria food crisis".

Di two economic experts say prices of food go continue to dey rise because of some factors wey include di following:

  • Coronavirus pandemic: Statistics show say many pipo go dey hungry sake of di impact of di pandemic wey affect all sectors for di kontri.
  • Seasonal food produce:Food get season for Nigeria and during dia season dem go cheap but once di season don pass dem go cost because di kontri no get ogbonge storage system.
  • Inflation:Prices of food stuff dey increase everyday because of di way and manner middlemen like transporters and wholesalers dey inflate dia market.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo wey dey sell food no join for di lockdown

  • Herdsmen/Farmers clash
  • Floods
  • Wahala for di north eastern part of di kontri wey plenty farmers dey.
  • Some goment policies to address food security no dey enough.

How price of food stuff fit reduce

Di experts reason say price of food stuff go continue to dey go up if goment and stakeholders no find quick solution to address am. Dem suggest make goment implement policies wey go involve everybody, no be only farmers but everyone wey dey di food chain. Dem advise goment to:

  • Provide correct food processing machinery and ogbonge storage system wey go fit store food for di seasone comot and still sell for normal price if dia season don go.
  • Implementation of di agrarian revolution plan deal dem get wit Brazil to provide farming equipment for local farmers.
  • Empower local farmers wit soft loans.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Women for farm

  • Make Nigerians sef epp themselves, make no middleman no dey try enrich him or herself by inflating price of farm produce
  • Investment for agricultural production na everybody business.
  • Regulate di prices of food.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria Food

Wetin we call dis foto,

President Buhari meet six govnors and odas sake of di food crisis mata on Thursday for Aso Rock.

Oga Buhari explain say on top dis food security mata, dem don arrange thousands of security pipo wey dem call Agro rangers wey go boost di confidence of farmers and also protect farm produce.

Di presido say anoda thing wey goment wan do na to include rural farmers for everything wey dem dey try achieve, dem go give farmers wey dey village access to different kain credits and build feeder roads to helep dem. He also say dem don build one house wey dem fit keep grains make e for no spoil.