Gas explosion in Lagos today: Iju-Ishaga gas tank truck fire outbreak for Ifako-Ijaiye and wetin we know so far

"Gas explosion for Iju Lagos today" and wetin we know
Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo wey dem rescue from di explosion, dem rush dem to Iju water works clinic.

One loud explosion burst Ajuwon, Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos on Thursday afternoon injure at least 30 pipo wey get different kinds of degrees of wounds.

Na LP Gas tank truck fire outbreak for Ifako-Ijaiye cause di Iju-Ishaga gas explosion.

E happun around 3:30pm on Thursday near Cele Bus Stop, along Grailand, Ajuwon.

Wia dis foto come from, Lasema

Eyewitness tell BBC say na truck wey cari gas na im explode as e dey try to offload.

BBC Pidgin find out say even pipo wey dey far away from di exact location of di explosion get deep wound from di explosion.

20 Adults male and 10 adults female na im wound, e destroy one market for Iju-Shaga as 15 shanty shops burn down, according to rescue officials for Lagos.

At least 23 buildings and 15 vehicles, wey include 11 Cars, two mini trucks, one bus and one heavy duty truck, na im di explosion burn down.

Wetin we call dis foto,

15 vehicles na im dem don count so far wey destroy fro di Iju-Ishaga explosion.

E also never dey clear weda pipo die well well for di Iju explosion, but BBC Pidgin don see victims wey sustain burns wound and dem dey rush dem comot di area.

Rescue agencies like di Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (Lasema) don begin respond to di explosion.

Olufemi Damilola Oke-Osanyintolu, di oga of Lasema say di agency go provide further updates and beg Lagosians to calm down.

One rescue official tell BBC Pidgin say dem still dey count di number of pipo wey dey affected and di record fit increase.

Pipo wey dem rescue dem rush dem to Iju water works clinic.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di impact of di explosion na somtin wey pipo feel from 300 meters away from di exact loction where e happun, according to wetin one rescue official tell BBC.

Ajuwon na community between Lagos and Ogun State border. Pipo wey dey live for dat area dey currently run upandan sake of di explosion for di area.

Iju tanda between Agege and Ojodu Berger and na highly populated area inside Ikeja Local Goment Area.

Since 2020 na at least three heavy gas explosion don burst and kill pipo for Lagos, wey be Nigeria bizness capital.

Wetin really cause Iju explosion?

Investigation reveal say na wen di gas truck driver and one oga wey suppose take delivery of di gas begin argue na im di explosion happun.

Tori be say wen di pesin wey go take delivery of di gas realize say di manufacturers seal dey tampered, na dia him and di gas truck driver begin argue.

Na dat argument provoke di truck driver to try to reverse but di front tyre of di truck come burst, so di gear section urder di truck cabin hit di cockpit and e lead to explosion.

Wetin we call dis foto,

At least 30 pipo get various degrees of wounds.

Engr. Olatunji Akinsanya, wey be Director of Operation for Lasema, tell BBC Pidgin say na at about some minutes afta three on Thursday afternoon na im dem receive distress call say LP Gas explosion happun for di Iju-Ishaga road axis. Na dia dem send fire service to go fight di fire.

"Gas explosion for Iju Lagos today" photos

Di Lagos gas explosion dey happun a day afta at least 28 pipo die for fuel tanker explosion for Abuja/Lokoja highway inside north-central Nigeria.