Happy Independence Day Nigeria 60: Sanusi Lamido, Tunde Bakare highlight 'three tins' wey necessary to fix Nigeria on October 1st

Sanusi and Bakare

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Nigerian Pastor and politician, Tunde Bakare and former Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido don highlight three tins di kontri need to do to move forward.

Dem tok as di kontri dey celebrate dia 60th independence anniversary during di Platform yearly programme by The Covenant Nation.

Dis na wetin dem say Nigeria need to do fix di nation.

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Pastor Tunde Bakare

  • National redemption

Pastor Bakare hammer on di redemption of Nigeria, say until e happen, we just dey waste our time.

"Israel no make am until Israel dey redeemed. If we no fix our moral compass, we dey go nowhere. Character deficiency dey Nigeria", im tok.

  • Education of kontri pipo

Anoda major tin wey Pastor Bakare say Nigeria need to do to turn di kontri around for good na to make education of kontri pipo become top priority.

"Our graduates no sabi write correct sentence. Our standard of education don fall completely sotay we no fit compete wit di world", im lament.

Di pastor turn politician also hala say Nigeria don turn to 'lazy nation' afta im claim say im discover say courts for di kontri no dey argue cases again, 'na just drop your brief dey go'.

  • Healthcare

Finally, Pastor Bakare say Nigeria need good healthcare if dem wan raise healthy kontri pipo because na strong men dey raise strong nation.

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Sanusi Lamido

Di former Central Bank govnor say as a result of Covid and becos di economy don suffer, Nigeria don come round to reality finally, e again tok about fuel subsidy and how e tink say na scam.

E say goment don start some reforms in di last few months and if we continue along like dat we go begin see di light.

  • Transparency in oil and energy sector

Removal of fuel subsidy na something wey Sanusi say goment suppose do. Publish finance audit of NNPC. Increase transparency in the oil sector and Energy sector. Dis na tins wey need to be done according to Sanusi.

"We bin dey pay billions of dollars for subsidy, I always bin tok say na big scam wey don dey on for 20-30 years. Honestly we complain about di economy situation wey dey today but e no surprise me becos if we dey honest with our selves anyone wey study economics for see say na here we for end up. Na something we don see from from far back not just with dis govment." Sanusi tok.

  • Diversify di economy

Di second na to go back to ask di question how do we end up here, economy wey dey monocultural how we fit go back to diversify di economy? Sanusi tok.

Im add say 'we' need to encourage di movement of capital into real production.

"Wen pipo understand say di way to make money na to produce real goods and services, provide services, we begin to encourage di movement of capital to real production, we need to get out of wetin Karl Marx call di stage of primitive accumulation and move into proper capitalism.

  • Human capital

Third tin e tok na na to focus on human capital.

"We get 200 million Nigerians, more dan half of dem dey under di age of 20, in di next 20 years, you go get more dan 100 million Nigerians between di ages of 20 and 40, now dat one dey more dan di population of Germany, di third largest economy in di world, if you no educate dem, you no get economy, how you go accommodate dem? Di problems of today no go compare with with di problems Nigeria go face in di next 20 years.

"So investment in education around IT e dey extremely important Coding, robotics, programming, dat na di future , we dey head towards di 4th revolution, dat na di only way we go move very fast and move pipo out of poverty." Sanusi tok.