World Teachers Day quotes from Nigerian teachers

World Teachers Day quotes from Nigerian teachers

As di world dey celebrate teachers today wey be di International Teachers Day, some Nigerian teachers don tell BBC Pidgin how dem feel say dem dey di profession for Nigeria.

Di teachers for interview on Monday say to be teacher for di West African kontri no be di same for everybody. Dem add say as some pipo dey enjoy di profession, some no dey too enjoy and dem bin dey do di work becos dem no get anytin else to do.

One teacher for di kontri, Babatunde Aiyenitaju, say Nigerian teachers no dey enjoy di treatment wey dem suppose dey enjoy sake of how important teaching job be for any kontri. he aslo add say some parents no want make dia children be teachers sake of how dem dey treat teachers for Nigeria.

"Di salary of politicians dy higher dan salary of teachers and we be all public servants but di salary of one senator fit pay for 500 teachers with di minimum wage. . and na di teacgers train di senators. How many housing estate dey for teachers from di goment?

Di teachers all say teaching for Nigeria dey difficult because many teacher no get di equipment to teach dia students well.

"So many challenges dey wey we bin dey try to meet for Nigeria," ... "for person to be teacher for Nigeria, di person need to sabi plenty things and always dey on dia toes and dey creatives and dey ready to creat alternatives."

However, im add say teacher wey dey di private schools still dey enjoy small small pass dos ones wey dey public schools.

"I don dey private sectors for 12 years now and I dey celebrated well well," Im tell BBC Pidgin.

Abimbola Ajijola bin add say goment need to pay more attention to teachers and make dem celebrate teachers becos as e be currently e dey "discouraging".

"To be teacher for Nigeria dey like to be ordinary messenger, gatekeeper or even farmer for one local village. Goment need to bring up salary of teachers becos teachers dey work. Di teachers for goment schools need make goment increase dia salary as dat go encourage teachers to do more," Ajijola tell BBC Pidgin.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Teachers for Nigeria go enjoy beta salary.

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari, don approve special salary scale for teachers and also increase di years of service for teachers by five years.

Pipo for all over di world don take to social media to celebrate dia teachers. Different pipo give diffrent tori o how dia teachers help dem become beta person for life.