NSMQ 2020 finals: Presec, Adisco den Owass top Ghana schools lock horns in National Science and Maths quiz finals

Foto of representative of di top three schools for di finals

Wia dis foto come from, NSMQ 2020/Twitter

Wetin we call dis foto,

Representatives of di top three schools

Three top schools for Ghana dey lock horns today for de trophy, prestige and bragging rights in de National Science and Maths Quiz finals.

Presbyterian Boys Secondary School (Presec), Adisadel College (Adisco) and Opoku Ware Senior High School (OWASS) emerge top 3 schools in de coveted NSMQ competition out of a total 135 schools.

Out of de 108 schools wey compete for de Preliminary Stage, 54 of them made up of 40 winners and 14 top runners-up go proceed to de One-eighth Stage of de competition, where dem go battle it plus 27 seeded schools from NSMQ 2019.

How dem reach finals

Opoku Ware SHS who be two-time champions slug it out plus Accra Academy and Amponsem SHS in de semi-finals.

By de end of de contest, OWASS lead by 55 points, eliminating Accra Academy who people tip as likely winners and Boa Amponsem SHS who make dema first appearance in de semi-finals.

Adisadel College also grab 21 points, beating group favourites Achimota School and Keta SHS.

Adisadel lead Achimota school by just one point to progress to de final, while Keta Senior High Technical School (KSTS) grab 17 points.

De third school wey progress to de finals be Presec, who show class by grabbing 66 points at de end of de semi-final contest.

Dem beat Kumasi Academy who score 38 points den Aburi SHTS who score 18 points at de end of de contest.

Wia dis foto come from, NSMQ 2020/Twitter

Wetin we call dis foto,

One of di representative of di schools

How de top three schools dey rank in NSMQ

Dis be how de top three finalists dey ran in de NSMQ competition

Opoku Ware SHS

Opoku Ware SHS be two-time champions of de competition, but de last time dem win de NSMQ trophy be 18 years ago.

Dema entry to dis year final means say dem fit grab de trophy den emerge winners for de third time.

OWASS dey enter dis contest with hopes say dem go break de 18 year trophy drought.

Presbyterian Boys Secondary School

Presbyterian Boys SHS be five-time winners of de NSMQ competition

Dis year go be dema sixth win if dem finish off de other two schools in de finals.

Presec dey wan right dema wrongs after dem fail to win de trophy last year where dem appear for de final stage of de 2019 NSMQ.

Adisadel College

Two-time winners, Adisco dey hope say dem go win de trophy for de third time after dem make 4 consecutive appearances in de NMSQ finals.

De school wey get more NSMQ final experience dey hope say dem fit take advantage of dema experience den win de trophy and bragging rights.

What you need to know about de competition

Since dem start dis competition in 1993, e be major event wey secondary school students, old students and academics dey look forward to.

NMSQ be de biggest academic quiz competition for Ghana, winners of de contest dey gain prestige as de best school in de country in de year under review.

Schools wey win more NMSQ trophies get some prestige about de quality of dema tuition den standards.

De quiz contest dey bring together de best and brightest at secondary level education wey dem dey air de contest on TV, radio and more recently on social media where massive debates dey happen.