Immigration: Australia go require English test for partners visa

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Partners go now need to prove say dem sabi English to get visa

Australia go demand make foreign partners of di pipo wey get existing resident to pass English language test before dem get permanent visa, na wetin di goment tok.

If parliament approve dis new immigration requirement, na for mid- 2021 e go take effect.

E go also force di partners of applicants to prove say dem sabi English to a particular level. Some pipo say di law "go discriminate", but goment say na to build "social cohesion".

"We want di applicant and im sponsor to meet di functional level English or to at least don make reasonable efforts to learn English," na wetin Immigration Minister Alan Tudge tok.

Tori be say, Australia conservative goment bin don dey call for migrants dem to do test on for dia English language skills.

English dey part of di requirements for some kain work and study visa. Anybody wey dey apply for Australian citizenship must also pass English test.

More than one-fifth of Australia population dey speak language wey no be English for dia home, di figure dey above 35% for di largest cities wey be Sydney and Melbourne.

Why goment make dis announcement?

Wetin we call dis foto,

One woman give her opinion on di new immigration law for Sydney, Australia

Oga Tudge say dem get about one million pipo wey dey leave for Australia wey get poor or no English skills, wey im argue say dey limit dia work and social skills.

E say di new changes go help protect vulnerable immigrants from controlling partners.

"For some cases, di husband no go want im partner or wife to learn English. And dat na for control reasons," na wetin im add put.

Im say "reasonable efforts to learn" go mean say di applicants go gatz take about 500 hours of English classes wey go dey available under free goment programme.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison say partners still fit arrive on temporary visa, but once dem dey di kontri dem must learn "Australia first language" to remain permanently.